Living Dead

When you wake up to start a day at work, only to find you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.


9. Escape

A few hours had passed, as we were all still sitting on the roof trying to figure a way out. The horde of z's had completely taken over the dump. We had contemplated on trying to jump from the roof over the fence but it was too far. So we were stuck here.

"Right I've had it with this shit." Steve said as he stood up, "Someone needs to come up with something." "Sit down." shouted Bob, "You know we've thought about every option possible, and they are all too dangerous." Steve walked over to Bob and waved his finger in his face, "Fuck you, there must be a way out of this fucking place." I stood up, "Look, we all feel the same here, but as he said, there is no way out." Steve then came over to me and grabbed me, "How about I throw you down to them, then the rest of us can get out safe while they feed on your bodies, as it was you and your brother that brought them here in the first place." I shoved him off and Dean jumped to his feet, ran over to Steve and punched him in the ribs. "Fuck you. We didn't bring nothing. Maybe you're lucky we showed up when we did." he said. Steve ran and tackled Dean and they both fell to the ground and wrestled with each other for a bit.

Tom came over and grabbed Steve, while I grabbed Dean, and pulled them away from each other. "Quit all this bullshit!" Tom shouted to Steve. Dean tried shoving me off so I grabbed him tighter. "He ain't worth this shit. Let's just focus on staying alive for now." Steve pointed at us and shouted, "Don't worry, you'll both get yours." "Fuck you." Dean replied. Steve strolled off and went and sat at the corner of the roof. Dean and Tom took a seat with the others. I remained standing, as in the back of my mind I couldn't help but agree with Steve. We did need to somehow get off this roof.

I walked over to the hatch and opened it to look inside. It seemed quiet but then a load of z's appeared. They were surrounding the desk we had used to climb up here. Then an idea came into my head, "What if one of us went down there, as they aren't on the desk, and try to find a way to shut the door. Even if we don't make it out, at least we could use the little kitchen inside for food and water." I then pitched my idea to the rest of the group. Dean and Bob came over and looked down the hatch. "It's a hopeless cause, there's no way of getting to the door without jumping into the z's." said Bob. We all went quiet for a second. "But, if a couple of us went down there and killed a few, we could maybe use them as a sheild, just like you guys were doing earlier, then we might even have a fighting chance." Dean said.

We all discussed it then everyone agreed with the idea. We just had to decide which two were going down there. Steve wasted no time in giving his opinion, "You two can go." He said as he pointed at me and Dean. "Well why don't you go as you are so eager to leave." I said. Emma stood in front is us, "I'll do it."I put my arm round her shoulder, "I'll join you." "No, I won't let you go down there." Dean said as he pushed my arm off Emma. I then placed my hand on Dean's shoulder, "I'll be fine little brother. I got you watching my back."

I climbed down the hatch and jumped down on to the desk, then reached up and helped Emma get down. It was a big desk but the z's were still very close. We both started stabbing and whacking the z's in the heads. We managed to kill a few but there was far too many of them. As we killed a few more there was a small pile of them starting to spread on the floor. The z's started climbing over them and were almost getting on top of the desk.

"This probably wasn't the best idea." I shouted. "Yeah, it ain't working is it?" Emma shouted back. Dean then lent into the hatch and stretched his arm out, "Right, time for you to get out of there." I agreed and took his arm and climbed out. As soon as I got out I turned and reached down for Emma. She grabbed my arm and began climbing out. Suddleny she stopped climbing and let out a load scream. "What's wrong?" I said. She didn't reply and kept screaming. Dean stood behind her and looked down the hatch. Two z's were biting at her leg. She started letting go of my arm but me and Dean grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up.

Her leg had been chewed to bits. We all knew what was going to happen next but nobody spoke about it. "Can you help me up please?" she said. Me and dean helped her up. She placed her hands on our shoulders and nodded. Then she hopped back and looked over the edge of the roof. She started laughing, "Well it looks like you've found a way out." Then suddenly she threw herself of the roof and into the horde of z's. Dean and I ran to the edge but couldn't see her. Bob came over and grabbed me, "She did it. They are leaving the office." We all then climbed down the hatch, into the office, killed a couple of z's that were left and quickly shut the door. Then we picked up the desk and pushed it against the door.

We moved the bodies of the z's we had killed, over into a corner then sat at the back of the room against the wall. Steve remained standing, "Great. So another one of us has died, and for what? So we have a little bit of fucking shelter? Fucking useless idea." "Well we had to try something." I said. Steve turned to me, "You need to shut the fuck up. It's your fucking fault she's dead." I stood up, but said nothing and just looked at him. He came and stepped in front of me, "Next time you have an idea, you can fucking act it alone." "That's enough." shouted Bob, "Emma chose to help. She knew the risks. We should be thankful for her sacrifice, otherwise we would of probably starved to death had we of stayed up on the roof any longer." Steve walked up to Bob, "Well I ain't fucking thankful that someone died because of this fucker." he said as he pointed over at me. I clenched my fist but Dean looked at me, saw my clenched fist then placed his hand on top of mine and shook his head.

Steve finally took a seat and we all just sat there in silence for a minute. Suddenly Dean jumped up, "Did you hear that?" We all went quiet but couldn't hear anything. "Sit the fuck down. You've already cause enough shit" said Steve. Suddenly there was a faint sound of car tyres screeching coming from outside. We all jumped to our feet. "You definitely heard it that time didn't you?" Dean said. We all stayed silent and slowly made our way over to the front door and placed our ears against the door and wall. It was definitely the sound of a car and it was getting closer.

Steve went to the desk and tried moving it. "Now what the fuck are you doing?" I asked. "Getting to the roof to try and signal to whoever that is for help." I pushed down on the desk, "You aint doing this again. It didn't exactly go too well the last time did it?" He let go of the desk and pushed me off. "You get the fuck out the way. The rest of you gimme a hand." He grabbed hold of the desk again but nobody helped. Bob turned to him, "Johnny's right. We might not make it out this time. Anyway whoever's out there will most likely drive off once they see the swarm of z's out there." Steve banged his fists on the desk, "Are you guys fucking mad? The help we need is right outside that door and you guys are too chicken shit to even try and call for it? Fuck you guys, I'll make my own way to the roof then."

All of a sudden we heard a loud crash outside, that sounded like it was just outside the door, then we heard a car driving round. Steve ran over to the desk and put his shoulder against the edge and started pushing, "Fuck you all!" he shouted. Tom and Bob then took hold of the desk and helped move it. Me and Dean kept hold of the door, we couldn't hear any z's on the other side, so we let go of it. Steve then came running over to the door but was stopped by Bob, "If we are doing this, we do it slowly and safely." he said as he pointed over at the door then at me and Dean. The sound of the car driving had stopped and it went rather quiet outside.

Dean put his hand on the door handle and opened it slightly. The z's that were on the other side had gone, so he opened the door fully. We stepped out on to the top of the stairway and looked around. In the corner of the dump was a car completely covered in z's climbing all over it. I turned and faced the others, "The z's are distracted by the car. Now's the chance to make a break for it." I slowly started walking down the steps then the others followed me. We went to the edges of the dump, as far away from the z's as we could, and started heading for the front gate. The car had completely knocked it over.

We nearly made it to the gate, but some of the z's had spotted us and started coming towards us. We took them out, but the noise attracted the rest of them, and they all started coming after us. We tried to kill them, but there was too many. "Get back to the office!" Bob shouted. We all started heading back. A z grabbed my foot and I tripped, but I jumped back up and carried on. Then a small group of z's appeared in front of me, so I changed direction and headed to the side. I got to the fence, but as I turned around, more of them had appeared and were starting to surround me. I raised the crowbar I had in my hand as they started to box me in.

Out of nowhere the car came driving towards me, plowed down the z's and then nearly ran me down. I grabbed hold of the fence and jumped up. The car crashed into the fence, causing me to let go and fall onto the front of it. I held on to the car as it reversed and ran over some more z's. It then stopped. I let go of it and slid off the bonnet. It went quiet for a minute, then the car door opened. I was in shock as I saw who stepped out the car.

It was Paul...

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