The Icorus Play

For the reincarnation competition


1. The Tournement

The knight sat repentant on his white steed the typical knight in shining armour should be. Wart his surf stood with the lance waiting to give it to his mighty master. ‘Give me the lance,’ boomed Sir Tyross of Shadowlan. Wart his much put upon slave raised the lance and placed it into his master’s hand with a sight shudder of nerves racing through his body. It wobbled as the knight still a bit overwhelmed from the night before taking the long piece of pointed wood. The drinking was intense with barrels of wine and beer flowing like a full river cascading over a giant waterfall. The knight lowered the lance with a minor blackout of his senses and bodily functions. The horse neighed in disgust at the sight of a waving piece of wood zooming across its head. It neighed again as it narrowly missed an eye. Sir Ty blinked trying to regain his composure. The tournament was the highlight of the festivities at the castle that loomed out of the golden fog below from its cliff top home. Wart grabbed the lance in a vain attempt to keep his master on his valued steed. Sir Ty lowered his helmet and looked though the small narrow window of his helmet. He shivered as he scanned the tournament arena.


The stands were full with a full the elite, the Princess Taro smiled looking at her champion. The knight could see her light purple skin glistening in the morning light. Her white veil moved across her elfin face with a small light wind blowing from the west. She gently shivered looking at her father the King resplendent in his royal finery of red, purple and golden robes. His large diamond studded crown upon his ginger flamed hair. She looked with a smile through her three eyes. Sir Ty looked skyward at the five suns rising in the pink and purple ocean of colour. He looked to his left at the golden leafed line of trees leading to the giant castle and immaculate pink grassed lawns to the giant drawbridge in the far distance. The knight now looked forward at the game to come. The centred wooden carriageway stood firm in the light. Suddenly his steed reared upward from its six legs. The knight wavered in an attempt to settle his horse. It looked at the dark shape moving across its quadruple sight. Sir Ty looked straight ahead of him at his opponent. It stood like a black wall of solid stone. The dark armour absorbed the light around it. It looked like a walking black hole; even his horse standing on its six legs was a sight to see in its golden robes of crimson and yellow with a hint of emerald. Its four eyes were black too, two above and two below like his stallion and both sets set in front. The darkest horse snorted in anticipation of the battle.


‘Great,’ thought Sir Ty. ‘Even his horse was scary!’ The hole in space moved to the pyramid tent to gain his lance from his very lowly surf in ragged clothes and no shoes whatsoever. Ty looked directly into the deep crimson eyes of his opponent. Sir Ty shook slightly waving his lance in the process. ‘Ready, Sir?’ asked Wart nervously at his mounted master. The knight reluctantly nodded staring at the long, long wooden carriageway in front of him. It seemed to wobble like a snake. He blinked hoping it wasn’t true. Ty lowered his lance with his both left hands and took his reigns with his first left and moving his second left arm across his chest. He looked to his left to see the amber hued jester with his octopus bell hat and canary coloured garb and looking like a living danger sign. Ty focused on the large chequered flag held in his left hand. The jester only had to arms and two legs. He looked very weird in this realm; this thing was ‘human’ whatever that was, it fell through a strange blue portal that brought him to the shadowlan. He concentrated and spurred his steed. His horse began to gallop the scene became a blur. The crimson eyes became sharper. Ty waved his lance in an attempt to strike. Both lances struck with leaves of shattered wood blooming into the arena. Ty gasped as the armour shook with the massive strike. Ty turned his hexal limbed stallion taking another lance from scrotty his other surf. Scrotty smiled at his peer hoping he wouldn’t be punished with a sly slap. This time he was lucky, his master had other things on his mind. The horse raced taking the knight by surprise. He held the reigns stronger this time, he didn’t want to fall in front of his love. The princess was smiling. Ty stood upright getting more confident. He had a chance to impress. The carriageway became a blur.


 Both lances waved in the morning suns. ‘CRASH.’ More leaves shattered the arena flying like wooden stems. ‘Quickly, surf!’ boomed the knight. Wart grabbed another lance and quickly handed to his noble successor. The knight turned and began to race again. Suddenly the sky turned into darkness. Wart looked up and he ran. The knights stopped and turned on a sixpence. Fire fell from the sky. Explosions of flame erupted around them. Ty fell from his horse taking off his helmet. ‘The dragons of Harageth,’ he said under his breath as a fireball erupted beside him. He flew into the air and landed badly on his back with all four arms waving about him like a fallen fly. ‘NO!’ he shouted as his horse died in an explosion of fire. The stands of the arena were in flame. He had to get up. His princess was the only thing on his mind. Ty turned on all fours struggling to stand. He turned to glance around him. Fires were all around him, the smell of death hit his senses. Suddenly a stream of fire cascaded beside him. He jumped out of the way. Just in time as the ground blew like a volcano. The ground shook violently under his feet. He fell and rolled and rolled like a pub barrel. His armour was the only thing protecting him for the moment. Ty stood up, his back was straight and strong. He focused his blurred eyes at the shape in front of him. It was large, very large and metallic. It had two purple crystal gems looking directly at him. Its head was the size of a juggernaut. Its body was like a warehouse of metal. Its wings spread out like a giant semi-through golden marquee. It drew breath into its lungs like a hurricane. Ty began to run, he had to find cover, fast or he was a dead knight. Ty struggled as the air rushed passed him almost dragging him into the belly of the ancient beast. He grabbed the ground with all his might climbing the surface like a mountaineer. The dragon had stopped breathing. Ty knew what was coming next. He had seconds to find cover.


The dragon fired its superhot breath of consuming fire. ‘MASTER!’ shouted Wart standing in front of the aged reptile. Ty turned, then turned back to see his faithful servant disappear in a ball of flame. He rolled into a long ditch saving him for the moment. The sky turned to flame as he looked upward. His face fell as the shape of five dragons filled the sky leaving Shadowlan in their wake. He was lucky. He was still alive. Questions filled his mind as thoughts of love swept away the pain, just for a moment. He grabbed the bank and scanned over the top. The castle, the arena and the countryside were in flame. Night began to fall. It was a quick day on Shadow. Ty walked into the castle and changed into his normal garb. The king and his beloved princess entered the giant east hall. The tables were bear. No food lay on the tables. A burnt jester hat lay on the floor. The ashes of Wart began to move. An arm began to rise from the ashes. Fingers began to move to regain movement and blood into the heart. Wart had lived again…



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