The Scarecrow Part 2 A novel

In Lawrence, Kansas, Lisa and Cody Greene, arrive back at their Grandfather's farm, where the scary scarecrow still sits there. A year later, they meet their friends, Ann Fletcher, her brother Brad, and neighbour Brad.


3. The Scarecrow-Part Two-Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1974


​Thelma Fletcher ​arrived home by 3:11 pm. She was thinking that her husband had topped himself again. ​Too much beer​, she thought to herself; she was crying. ​No; no, he had an accident! Yes; yes, that was it! An accident. And he'll be in the Kansas Hospital on a white coloured bed; and he'll open his eyes and see me...And..., ​but there was a sense of finality in her mind-thoughts; there was a sinking feeling like a ship at sea that told her that Bob was dead. He was a useless husband, but he was good to his children when he was sober. ​If he was sober,​ she thought to herself again. Sheriff Harris Kane, Jr., and Deputy Sheriff Mark J. Oliver, II, glanced at her. "Mrs. Fletcher, I'm Sheriff Kane. Your husband has been a victim of the scarecrow", he said. She peered at the sinister creature in the middle of the soft field near the ominous farmhouse; she spoke in a small, yet forceful, voice: "Bob was killed by it...The scarecrow...But it hasn't moved", she answered. She waited for the Deputy Sheriff to say something. When he was lost for words, she sighed. "I was going to give him the divorce papers tomorrow. My lawyer, Ed Cole, III, was discussing it in town last night. Our marriage hit a mighty bump over the last year or so ago. America has fallen on hard times since Vietnam...Since 1959, when we dated, I predicted a better future. Then, when Anne was born, and Brad too, we thought that everything was fine. But, since President Kennedy's assassination in November of 1963, and Robert Kennedy's assassination in 1968, and everyone was protesting against the war, there wasn't any hope for us, as the nineteen seventies arrived. The ​political ​aspect of American society has broken down completely; the idea of trusting the Government has been erased. And now my husband is dead because of a scarecrow that is still in the fields. There has to be a reason behind the death". Sheriff Kane, Jr., stared at her. "Another teenager has died. Mike Hamilton. He was a popular local who was on the verge of going to Kansas University. He dated Sandra Forster. I knew her several summers ago. Her parents, Grahame and Karen Forster, were part of the Kansas Catholic Church; Sandra didn't go to Church on Sundays. She rebelled against their strict religious beliefs; she was into the peace and love generation. She was​ a hippy. I heard she was going to a commune soon with Mike. She dabbled in some drugs, as young people do. But she attended school; she completed her English, Maths, and History, exams; she passed them. In the end, she decided to use her new-found freedom to plan her own future with Mike". Anne and Brad walked towards their mother. "MOM!", Anne yelled. She hugged her, as Brad did the same. Thad, Lisa, and Cody, shook their heads. As Anne introduced her to Lisa and Cody, as they walked into the front door together. As the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff, (and the other six Kansas Police Officers), started to investigate the scarecrow, Thelma Fletcher gazed at the farmhouse. She shivered as she saw the spacious hallway. "I'm staying the night. Then we'll move to Phoenix, Arizona". Anne shook her head. "Arizona", Anne said. And she sighed. "What about the house, Mom?", Brad asked her. "We'll sell it. Another family can live here. And, after your father's death, it is inevitable that you'll be educated in the city where I lived in with my parents", Thelma Fletcher answered. Lisa and Cody sighed. "We have to go now. Good bye!", she said. And, as they left to head to their Grandfather's farm, they turned around...and wished their friends well, as the darkness of the night suddenly arrived.

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