The Scarecrow Part 2 A novel

In Lawrence, Kansas, Lisa and Cody Greene, arrive back at their Grandfather's farm, where the scary scarecrow still sits there. A year later, they meet their friends, Ann Fletcher, her brother Brad, and neighbour Brad.


7. The Scarecrow-Part Six-Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1974


Jessica Zachariah was at Nathaniel Point. 

​By two o'clock am, she knew that her parents would ground her for seeing Rich Payton behind their back. But she was eighteen. She was old enough to go out on a Saturday evening. Now, as the Sunday morning came along, she was waiting for her boyfriend to come back from the fields. "Rich! Are you back? Rich!", she yelled. Her long, black hair was down her the back of her red sweater. She walked in her blue flares towards the middle of the woods. "Rich! Are you here?", she asked him. No answer. As she reached the front of the haunted fields, the hairs on the back of her head stood up; the hairs were forcing her to shiver again. "Rich, this isn't funny". Jessica saw her boyfriend lying face down near the scarecrow. "​No! No! No!​", she shouted. Rich Payton, who was nineteen, (a year older than Jessica was), had died from the scythe wounds. His long, blonde hair was messy; his brown eyes appeared in the dull black sky. He wore the blue and red colours of Phi Kappa Phi fraternity house. He was wearing black flares. Jessica cried. ​I have to go now​, she thought to herself. And she left Nathaniel Point...and knew that the scarecrow had attacked more victims.



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