The Scarecrow Part 2 A novel

In Lawrence, Kansas, Lisa and Cody Greene, arrive back at their Grandfather's farm, where the scary scarecrow still sits there. A year later, they meet their friends, Ann Fletcher, her brother Brad, and neighbour Brad.


5. The Scarecrow-Part Four-Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1974


Charles Bryce​ heard the sound of music coming Art Randall's house​. He heard about his friends going to Nathaniel Point; he wasn't going there to make out with a hippy girl that he'd met at a party. He read a book, as he focused his attention on getting good grades. "Charles, are you reading?", Margot Bryce asked her sixteen year old son. "Yes, Mom", he answered. She knocked on his bedroom door. As she did so, she saw he was reading ​The Rats ​by James Herbert. "A horror book", she said. He nodded. He placed the book on his bed. "Dinner is ready. It's seven o'clock pm", she said. Charles, who hadn't had a girlfriend, gazed at the cold, rainy, weather. Thunder boomed outside his bedroom window. He opened the door. Suddenly he saw Victoria West tapping on his right window. "Charles, are you there? Charles", she asked. He opened the glass window. "Yeah, what do you want, Victoria? Dinner's ready", he answered her. "It's about the scarecrow", Victoria said. Alarm bells flickered across his youthful face. "From the farm", he said. "Yes, it's missing". And he shivered. "Can you come inside for dinner?". Victoria nodded. Yes​. And he left his bedroom, walked down the thin hallway, and headed downstairs. He opened the front door, then let her inside.


Charles had long, brown hair, blue eyes, and had an average height. He wore black pyjamas. He welcomed Victoria. "Mom, Victoria's here for dinner". Margot Bryce smiled. "Good evening, Victoria. How are your parents?", she asked her. "Mom is working the night work at ​Bailey's Cemetery​. Dad's dead". She looked at Charles, as he placed a brown seat for her. "Thank you, Charles". He blushed with embarrassment. "The scarecrow is gone from the farmhouse, Mom", he said. Margot shook her head. "Gone; gone where!", she said. Victoria took a long, deep, breath. "It moves", Victoria stated. She glanced at the loud thunderclouds...and shuddered at the booming noises outside the house near Nathaniel Point.


The thunder boomed in the night sky over Lawrence, Kansas. Donald Weiss couldn't stand the booming sound of the violent noises; the noises threatened to turn into flash flooding due to the heavy rain. He was eleven years old; he was dressed in red pyjamas...and was barefoot. He heard the television was on in the small lounge room. His mother, Jane Weiss, who was Jewish, was watching '​The Twilight Zone​' repeats. Hal Weiss, her husband, stared at the beer he was drinking; he sipped it if he wanted to be drunk tonight. It was preferable to seeing monsters; he finished one can, then dumped it into the grey trash can. "Honey, why're we watching an old show like that?", he asked her. "I love the show, Hal", she answered him. He sighed. The booming sounds at night disturbed his concentration. He gazed out of the living room. Suddenly he saw movement. Then he saw the scythe looming out of the distant fields. And, as he screamed, the glass shattered into dozens of little pieces. "FOR THE LOVE OF...", Hal yelled in terror. And then he screamed again as the scythe came downward...and he died. Jane screamed. "NO, HAL! ​HAL!!!​", Jane shouted in vain. Donald opened the bedroom door. At thirteen he had his bar mitzvah a week ago...and Rabbi Schwarz had smiled at him in the Kansas Synagogue, as Hal had given three hundred dollars to Isreal when he worked as a labourer in the settlements during the Six-Day War of 1967. Donald stared at the scarecrow. "No!", he yelled. And she saw the monster leave the house that they'd owned since the summer of 1969, a year where peace had come to America...and the other wars happened overseas...and Woodstock celebrated the hippie culture. "I'll call the Sheriff", Jane said. She grabbed the telephone that was down the thin hallway...and dialled 911.


Sheriff Harris Kane, Jr., and Deputy Sheriff Mark J. Oliver II, gazed at the dead body of Hal Weiss. "He's Jewish; he's...", Jane Weiss broke down in tears. "What happened?", the Sheriff asked her. "The monster smashed the glass; the monster wasn't a golem", she answered them. Donald Weiss stared at them. "It was the scarecrow. It wards off black crows in the fields", he said. And he broke down, and cried. "It's going to be alright, son", the Deputy Sheriff said soothingly. Donald didn't know what to say. Maybe Uncle Harvey in Isreal would send a cheque to them to cover the broken window; maybe...There was a lot of maybes. He hugged his mother. Donald watched the broken glass with interest. He was thinking about tomorrow. "I'm going to bed, Mom". And he kissed her gently on the right cheek, then he went to sleep.

It was 9:32 pm.


Lisa saw Cody shiver. After dinner with her Grandfather, he was watching television. Three hours' later, at 9:43 pm, he smiled at them. "I'm going to bed, kids. If something happens, tell me". And they nodded. Everyone in town were scared of the scarecrow; everyone shivered as it gripped its razor sharp scythe in its long, bony, right hand; it was away from the farm...and attacking the locals at night time. "We have to do something", Cody said. Lisa, who wore a blue nightgown, stood by the bedroom's window. She shivered with imminent dread, as if the scarecrow would come back here to get revenge. "It's not here, Cody". ​Cody, who was wearing red pyjamas, stood barefoot in the hallway; Lisa walked towards the window. "It's gone! I can sense it's gone". Cody shook his head. "That's very doubtful, Lisa. Now, let's lock the room up, and go to bed". And, as they did so, the thunder boomed in the late evening sky, as they slept.


Caroline Gorman let her boyfriend Walter Young kiss her in the white van. "Nathaniel Point is quiet, tonight". She gazed at the silvery moon; she felt the coldness in her bones. "I know that", Walter said. He had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall; Caroline had long, blonde hair, bright, blue eyes, and petite. They wore a purple sweater on their bodies; they were wearing blue flares; and their black boots kept them warm. "I heard the scarecrow haunts Kansas", Caroline said. Walter scoffed at the idea. "It's in the Grandfather's farm, babe. It won't move". He kissed her again, as they saw other hippies in their vans. It was night time in Lawrence, Kansas. And, as the rural teenagers were spending their Saturday evenings at Nathaniel Point, the dark shadow of the scarecrow loomed overhead, as the threatening rain teemed down once again. Caroline let Walter kiss her again. "Walter! I'm scared there could be a blackout". Walter heard the loud sounds of thunder. "Maybe; maybe not", he said. He smoked a cigarette; he saw the embers of the burning flames illuminate the black night. Suddenly he stopped. "I have to go to the Restroom". He got out of his van. As he headed away from the van, Caroline shook her head. She hated to be left alone; she saw the flashes of lightning, and then the lights went out. 

"Walter! Walter!", Caroline shouted. Walter walked to the van blindly. He struggled to get some flashlights from the van; he shook his head. "Here we are Caroline. Turn it on!". She did as her boyfriend told her to. Then they saw the other campers in their vans did the same. "The light will come back on in two or three hours. It's 10:00 pm now; it'll be back on by Midnight...or 1:00 am, Sunday morning", Walter said. He was about to say something else when he saw the scarecrow holding its sharp scythe in its long, bony, right hand. It didn't move in the lightning; it remained still as a statue. "Walter! What's going on?", Caroline asked him. "It's the scarecrow. It is away from the old farmhouse", he answered her. Suddenly the scythe moved, and Walter screamed as it came downward. Caroline yelled. She saw the flashlight drop onto the muddy ground; she heard the thudding noise near Walter's feet. She grabbed the flashlight in her right hand. She then left the van alone. She drove blindly towards town to raise the alarm.


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