The Scarecrow Part 2 A novel

In Lawrence, Kansas, Lisa and Cody Greene, arrive back at their Grandfather's farm, where the scary scarecrow still sits there. A year later, they meet their friends, Ann Fletcher, her brother Brad, and neighbour Brad.


6. The Scarecrow-Part Five-Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1974


​Cody shivered. "I loathe​ the blackouts, Lisa", he said. ​She glanced at the blackness. Their Grandfather knocked on their guest room. He held a flaming candle in his right hand. "Cody, Lisa! It's me!". He opened the door. All he saw was the dark shadows of his Grandchildren in their beds. "We're in bed, Grandpa", Lisa said. Cody nodded. "The power should come back soon". Then, by Midnight, the power was back on in the city. "Thank God! Now, go to bed, children". Cody and Lisa nodded. He blew out the candle, and headed out of the room. He walked to the kitchen, placed the candle on the white bench, and turned the lights off. Then he headed to his bedroom...and went to bed. 

It was exactly 12:02 am, Sunday morning.


Candace Markham looked at the farmhouse. She couldn't sleep. The blackout had disturbed her. Alan Markham, her husband of five years, was snoring. She grabbed her blue nightgown with her small, strong, hands. She left him alone, as she crept out of the warm black blankets of the bed, and headed towards the white coloured doors. She opened it, then she flicked on the bright lights. When she focused her attention on her red slippers, she walked down the halls. Then she walked downstairs. Lamps illuminated the outside of the spacious house. Candace opened the front door. She grabbed her keys from the light, brown table. A vase with different kinds of flowers were on it; the vase was brought for her by her mother, Catherine Markham in the summer of 1969, as a wedding present. Candace had long, blonde hair, green eyes, and petite. She was wearing a black nightgown. She looked around to see whether Alan was still asleep...he was. She was twenty-four and looked older. Alan was twenty-five. She didn't think that Alan would feed her family working at the farmhouse during the morning, and into the afternoon. He stopped work at exactly five o'clock pm. Candace, who worked in the old fields, was scared of the scarecrows. She knew her fear was irrational. She closed the front door. Once she closed it, the temperature was sixty degrees. Candace sensed that the idea of a scarecrow attacking Kansas people was too horrible to deal with. She walked down the long path. Then she saw Budd Kraemer.  "Good morning, Budd. How's things at the farm?", she asked him. He looked at her. "Good...and bad these days. Julia thinks President Nixon won't win the next election because of the Watergate scandal...and everything's shot to hell", he answered her. His house was illuminating the porch; the other lights were turned on in the other houses. Budd stared at Candace. "Alan's asleep", he said. "Yes, he doesn't believe in killer scarecrows". Budd shook his head. "The fact is that Cody and Lisa's Grandfather's scarecrow is attacking everyone. It is evil". Budd, who was sixty, had short, grey hair, blue eyes, and tall. He wore blue pyjamas...and was wearing black slippers on his feet. On his right hand was a diamond wedding ring. "My wife Sharon thinks scarecrows ward off black crows because that is what they do. But this scarecrow is different". Candace looked at the fields. "I'm going to bed, Budd. Good night!". Budd smiled. "Good night, Candace". And she opened the front door, locked up, and headed back to bed.


Cody saw the clock that was on the black table was 1:00 am. He started to think that the scarecrow would return; he was determined to protect his sister Lisa...and their Grandfather. By 9:00 am, their mother and father would take them home. And their weekend would be over. "Cody! Go to bed!", Lisa said. He nodded. They had to sleep; they had to deal with evil that had spread throughout the city of Lawrence, Kansas. And as the two teenagers closed their eyes, the scarecrow continued to walk out of the fields...and towards Nathaniel Point.


Dean Shapiro walked near the cars and vans. All of the fraternity and sorority members of Phi Kappa Phi and Delta Phi Delta were busy at Nathaniel Point. He knew that the idea of seeing Jessica Harrison was the only priority in his thirteen years on Earth. She was so popular that he didn't think that he'd date her. Suddenly he saw the scarecrow. It was back at the fields. Dean gripped the scarecrow's scythe. There was some blood on it. He had listened to the horror stories about the scarecrow. Dean, who was wearing a purple sweater, walked in his blue flares towards the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity. As he did so, he saw several fraternity brothers smoking cigarettes, and drinking beer. "Hey, man!  Look Roger, it's Dean Shapiro", Thomas Reed said. He laughed. Roger Forster grinned. "Hey, maybe we can force himself to wear the scarecrow clothes". Dean screamed. "No! I don't-", he begun to say. Then, as they grabbed the scarecrows clothes on himself, Thomas and Roger laughed. "Scarecrow! Scarecrow! Scarecrow! Scarecrow!", they all chanted. And they sneaked to the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity house before they were kicked out of the dormitory.

It was 1:33 am.


Deanne Roberts watched Greg Hammond.

"Is the van fixed up?", she asked him. 

"Yes, the front black tire is pumped up. I heard something...", Deane answered. Once everything was fixed up, Greg smiled at his girlfriend. "Look, there's the fields", Greg said. Deanne nodded. They were eager to spend the evening when they saw a scarecrow holding a scythe in its right hand; they saw drops fresh blood. "Shall we call the Sheriff?", Greg asked her. "Yes", Deanne answered her. And she shivered. "​Call him!​", Deanne said. And they went to the van, put their seat belts off, locked the doors, and Greg drove into town to his house to inform the Sheriff that evil had come to Lawrence, Kansas...again. 


Sheriff Harris Kane, Jr., gazed at the scarecrow. Suddenly Dean Shapiro spoke. "Help me! Help me! Roger Forster and Thomas Reed played a prank on me". The Sheriff nodded. "Made yourself into a scarecrow". Dean nodded. "You can change in the car, Dean". He nodded. By 1:46 am, he was now wearing his clothes. The Sheriff frowned, as he placed it back in the middle of the fields. As he did so, a cold breeze wafted across his face. He looked at the Kansas fields. Then he shuddered in terror, as the scythe came downward until the Sheriff's screams was cut short.



Deanne screamed. 

"We have to leave Kansas". 

And Greg nodded. 

"Fine by me, babe". And, as they walked towards the van, they got in. And, after they put their seatbelts on, and closed the doors behind them, Greg drove away from Kansas...and started a new life that was away from the scarecrow's reach.


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