The Scarecrow Part 2 A novel

In Lawrence, Kansas, Lisa and Cody Greene, arrive back at their Grandfather's farm, where the scary scarecrow still sits there. A year later, they meet their friends, Ann Fletcher, her brother Brad, and neighbour Brad.


1. Lawrence, Kansas-August 4, 1974

​One year later....


​"CODY! CODY!", ​Lisa Greene yelled. 

"Yes", he said.

"Mom and Dad are travelling to Arizona for the weekend. They wants us to go to Grandfather's house". Cody, who was now fourteen, gazed at his thirteen year old sister. "I don't want to see the scarecrow". She remembered seeing Anne Fletcher, her brother Brad, and Thad, their neighbour. "Maybe no one will disappear, sis". She gazed out of the glass window; she shivered. "Cody! Lisa! We have to go!​", Kelli Greene said. Tom Greene, her husband, knew what had happened; Edna Greene's grave was in the cemetery. It was covered in flowers. The two children got into the orange van. When they put their black seatbelts on, the door closed behind them. And Tom drove to the farm without any kind of incident.


Anne Fletcher smoked a cigarette. Brad, her brother, (as well as Thad), gazed at the old farm. They saw the scarecrow in the old field; they saw nothing out of the ordinary. "I hope Lisa and Cody will come for the weekend". They were glad to make new friends in Kansas. Suddenly Bob Fletcher stared at them. "I hope you're not smoking". He glanced at the black crows on the silvery power lines. "So what!", Cody stated. Bob Fletcher, who was forty-four, gripped the sharp scythe from his right hand. The lines on his face was clouded by beer drinking. The fiery embers of the burning cigarette flew out of the mouth. It landed near his black boots. He stomped on it, and knew that a fire would bring out the Kansas Fire Department...and a lot of trouble that he didn't need. "Like I said, no smoking". And he walked in his blue flares towards his small office, and worked on paying the bills that were piling up on his brown table.


Lisa Greene stared at the farmhouse. "It's just the same", she commented. Cody shivered, as the teenagers headed towards the farmhouse. She didn't have a boyfriend; she was thinking about Anne, Brad, and Thad. They were a group of kids having a great time; she wanted to spend the warm weekend with them during the summer in June of 1974. President Richard Nixon was on the verge of defeat. America was in turmoil. "Over there!", Kelli said. She had dreamed of a better future. She was writing a thriller book called ​Night. She had bought her typewriter for two hundred dollars from ​Burl's American Electrics Store. Tom smiled. "I voted for Nixon despite the Watergate scandal", he said. He looked at the farmhouse. Anne Fletcher, Brad Fletcher, and Thad smiled at them. "Welcome back, Lisa", Anne said. Lisa took off her seatbelt off; Cody did the same. Both of them were eager to have fun in Kansas. "Hello, kids!", Kerri said. "Hi!", Anne smiled. "How are you doing, Cody?", Brad asked. "I'm fine". He saw the teenagers were smoking. "If Mom and Dad found me smoking, they'd have me on suspension", Cody said. They laughed. Then they saw Bob Fletcher. "Hello, I'm Bob Fletcher, Anne's father". Kelli nodded. "Kelli. This is my husband, Tom". Bob nodded. "I'm a farmer. My wife is in town as a Lawyer's secretary. She works all hours". Tom shook his head. He lit up his third cigarette for the morning. He shook his head. "Are you going to the farmhouse for lunch?", Tom asked him. "Yeah, man. I will. But I won't go farming after dark because of the scarecrow", Bob Fletcher answered Tom. "The scarecrow is in the fields", Kelli said. Bob Fletcher nodded. "Yeah, seems so! But, at night, it moves around the farm...and drags you off to your death". He stomped on the burning cigarette; he let the embers of the cigarette out with his right boot like last time. By eleven-ten am, he knew that the dangers of smoking was ignored, as he puffed on it. Then he watched Kelli and Tom head back to the orange van, and got in. "Good bye, Mom! Dad!", Lisa Greene said. "Good bye, Lisa! Cody!", she said. She kissed her daughter and son. And got into the van with Tom. Once they put their seat belts on, and the doors were locked, Tom drove towards town...and they left their children alone with their Grandfather until Sunday morning. Lisa walked to the farmhouse with Cody, and both of them knew that the nightmare in Kansas wasn't over.


Mike Hamilton focused on Sandra Forster's scarecrow that was in the old fields. "It's ​creepy", ​she uttered. Her long, blonde hair fell down her purple sweater; her bright, blue eyes gazed at the fields. "Mom and Dad thought that the black crows would ward it off", Mike said. A cold breeze blew in their faces. Mike put on his white peace symbol that was on his black sweater. His long, black hair shifted in the afternoon sun; his blue flares matched Sandra's blue flares, as they kissed near the old farm's fields. As they did so, the scarecrow moved forward. It raised its sharp scythe in his right hand; it held it upward. The teenage couple screamed. And, seconds later, the horror of the scythe moved downward, and Mike yelled before he died in the fields.


Sheriff Harris Kane, Jr., thirty-eight, watched Sandra Forster's face with concern. He hated to watch the politics of hatred on television towards President Nixon. America was going under, he thought to himself. She was beyond help; she was crying too much to care about her light red lipstick on her mouth. She was pointing to the blood-red fields; she was thinking her mind was fracturing. "​What happened, Sandra? Who killed Mike?", he asked the sixteen year old local Kansas girl. "It was the scarecrow, Sheriff; it was the scarecrow", she answered him. He saw her staring at the fields, and knew that he was shivering with eerie fear that drained his blood of colour.


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