Dystopic Alleviation 3 A Science Fiction novel

Amy, the Canadian robot in Toronto, forms a romantic attachment to Doctor McDougall. When she becomes pregnant to him, the Government decides to shut down The Project, before it's too late.

The final science fiction book in the trilogy.


3. Dystopic Alleviation-Part Four


​The Canadian Government's police officers ​banged on the steel doors of the Laboratory. "They can't...", Doctor McDougall said. It was too late. "I want to have my baby now", Amy said. He gasped in surprise. He knew that if a robot baby was born, then the Project would be a success. But politics always got in the way of progress. And, as Amy gave birth, the police opened the sensitive grey doors. And, as Doctor McDougall put his arms around his back, Amy had two robot/human hybrid children....And the experiments were over. 

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