*Book 1 of the Modern Princess series* Love. Happiness. That is what everyone describes the perfect fairytale. And you can't forget the magic. But to Ella Mendez, nothing is magical or happy with her evil stepfather and stepbrothers. Until several events happen and her life turns upside down. [© 2017, All Rights Reserved to Gabby W.]


1. Prologue



Holly's P.O.V

"Mommy!" I heard my six years old daughter, Lucy shouted. She came running in with her four years old brother, George following.

"What is it, Lucy?" I asked, grabbing her and putting her on one leg. I grabbed George and put him on the other. 

"George keeps ruining my tea party with my dollies! Tell him to stop!" she complained. I chuckled. She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted. "Stop laughing at me. I'm serious," she added.

"Okay! Okay! I will stop!" I said putting my hands up in defeat. I looked over to the clock. "It looks like it's about yours and George's bedtime. How about a story?" I asked. 

"Really! Okay! I'll go get ready!" Lucy chirped as she jumped up and ran to her room. I got up with George still in my arms and walked to his room to get him ready for bed. In our house, we have a small room with shelves of books on them. There's one giant fluffy bean bag in the center. That is where I read to my two crazy children. I walked into the 'library' room with George. Lucy was already there.

"Hurry, mommy!" she said excitedly. I chuckled and nestled down next to her. 

"What do you guys want to hear?" I asked.

"Cinderella!" Lucy suggested. 

"No! That's too girly," George pipped in. 

"How about I tell you a modern princess story. No fairies. Just real people getting their own happy ending," I offered.

"Is there any fighting?" George asked.

"There could be," I said. 

"Okay! Tell us a modern princess story, mommy!" Lucy squealed as she cuddled more into my side.

"Once upon-"

"Wait!" George interrupted. 

"What?" I asked.

"Don't start off with 'once upon of time'. I thought this was a modern princess story?" George asked.

"You're right. Then how should I start it?" I asked.

"With 'it all began'," he suggested. I giggled.

"Okay!" I said. "It all began..."


Calum Hood

Ella Mendez

Michael Clifford

Peter Anderson

Drew Anderson

Evan Anderson





Hello, everyone! Welcome to book one of my new series. Hope you enjoy it as much as I will! 

First thing first! Likes, comments, and favorites are always welcomed! ;)

Next, I want to say that I got this idea from a story I read a loooooooong time ago and I forgot who wrote it but if I knew I would give them credit. But just so you know this is not fully my idea. I just had this idea from that story I read for a long time and never got around to actually writing it until now. 

FYI, I named the little boy after the little boy in IT even though I won't be watching it. But the only difference is the age and I call him George and not Georgie. Just thought to add this in here XD

Okay! I'm done!

For real!

Here I go!

Leaving so you guys can like, comment, and favorite. :)

I'm not just writing because I want to add more to the word count and also because I might have something else to say and don't know it until I publish this.....

Okay! I'm ACTUALLY done!


Love you! 


P.s I'm sorry for that long author's note. It won't be like that all the time....

P.s.s I did think about something. I need to tell you guys that I wanted to put a narrator because she is important to the series. The first chapter will start with Ella's POV but being told by Holly if that makes sense.


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