Why We Eat Pancakes

This story is a Pantastic one! It's a comedy that has to do with pancakes. I know it sounds weird (it is) but come check this panny out!


6. With a side of orange juice

“Hit me then!” I yelled. Rebecca stood up out her seat, posed to the side and folded her arms. “Awww whittle Panny is so upset.” After she said that she put a dramatic frown on her face. Then one of the girls sitting at her table said, “She probably didn’t have her daily dose of syrup.” That made people around me laugh.  Idk why because honestly that was childish. “You know what, I’m better then this. I’m just going to ignore you.” I say. “whatever panny manny.” Rebecca remarked. (Even tho I was so mad i just had to grow up and be the bigger person.) So I walked away and went in the bathroom. I walked to the sink and started splashing water on my face. Then I dried my face with paper towels. Then my phone slipped out of my hoodie pocket on to the floor. “Damnit.. it’s probably cracked now.” I bended over to pick it up then someone whistled flirtatiously. I grabbed my phone and shot up so fast. Then turned around slowly. It was a guy... a boy, a male, a non female! I was in the boys bathroom! “Oh my god.” I said to my self walking out the bathroom swiftly with my head down. I then rushed into the girls bathroom and stood at the sink looking in the mirror in front of me. Then all of a sudden Rebecca walks in with her two minions giggling. I started to walk back out the bathroom then Rebecca put her foot out causing me to trip. I fell face first. I heard them laughing. My nose was stinging in pain then my anger took over my body. I stood up so fast then swung my fist firmly hitting Rebecca dead in her right eye. “Oh my gosh!” One of the girls said looking at me in shock. The other girl ran out the bathroom. I just stood over Rebecca in anger. “What is wrong with you?!” Rebecca shouted holding her right eye. I didn’t say anything. I just stood there. What did I just do? I touched my nose because it started stinging even more. looked at my fingers. It was blood. This bish made my nose bleed. That moment an administrator walked in the bathroom. “What’s going on in here?!” “She hit Rebecca for no reason!” The girl said. I didn’t even care if I was gonna get in trouble I was just happy that Rebecca got what she deserved.

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