Why We Eat Pancakes

This story is a Pantastic one! It's a comedy that has to do with pancakes. I know it sounds weird (it is) but come check this panny out!


2. Sweet like syrup

(me and Kylar walk side by side in the 300 hall. I was hoping he wouldn't have the same class as me because to be real, me and Kylar don't get alone that well because he's a little annoying.) "aww we don't have the same class." I say pretending to sigh. "Yeah but our class are side by side." He says. "Bye." We both say walking into our classes. (I was lucky usually all the seat in the back are taken, because you know everyone who likes to talk with friends sits in the back so they won't be noticed by the teacher.) I sit down in the back. I watch as everyone walks into the room hoping my bff Mona walks through the door. Then all of a sudden someone speaks talking me away from my thoughts. "Ummm hello!" (It was Rebecca. Ugh I hated her, she was the one who started my so called nik name 'Panny Manny') "oh hi Rebecca!" I said fake smiling. "You can sit somewhere else because there is no where for me and my best friend to sit." She complained. "Oh really?! Sounds like a personal prob." I say back. "Don't get me started PANNY MANNY." She says in snappy attitude. "Haha what?" The person beside her said. (I think that's who her 'best friend' was, but I didn't care. He was sooooo cute his hair was cream and smooth like pancake batter and his face looked warm and fluffy like delicious golden pancakes and his smell was as sweet at honey butter syrup!) "just leave me alone Rebecca" I said rolling my eyes. "No Rebecca leave her alone, it's okay I just sit here and we can still do our partner work together." He said sitting down in the seat beside me. "Okay, I'll sit up here I guess." Rebecca said back to him while looking at me with a stank look. She sat up front because it was the only seat left. (With him right here and she over there I could tell it was gonna be a long year.)

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