Why We Eat Pancakes

This story is a Pantastic one! It's a comedy that has to do with pancakes. I know it sounds weird (it is) but come check this panny out!


5. Steaming hot

we continued to talk. Then Rebecca walked up to our table with her other two little friends. “Ummm, why are you sitting here?” Rebecca asked is in a sassy way. I looked at Mona and continued to talk. “Hellloooo.” I faced my tray to eat my lunch. Then Rebecca pounded my face in my food. It mad such a loud noise the whole cafeteria was quite then they saw my face and everyone was laughing except Mona. I cried and ran to the bathroom leaving my tray. I entered the bathroom then I went into a stall and cried. I herd the bathroom door open. “Francis?” “What?” “You okay?” I didn’t answer. “It will be okay, you should just teach her a good lesson.” I still was silent. I wiped my face with tissue and came out the stall. I went to the Sink to rise off all the food and dried my face with a paper towel. I looked into the mirror with a angry expression and stormed out the bathroom. I went in the cafeteria. “Rebecca I’ve had enough!” I yelled. “What on God’s earth are you talking about, panny manny.” She said back sarcastically. By this point everyone in the cafeteria were looking at me and Rebecca without a single sound. “Fight me!” I yelled. Mona came running behind me. “If that’s what makes you feel better.” Rebecca said in a cocky manner. (I’m soooo ready to shut her up.)

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