Why We Eat Pancakes

This story is a Pantastic one! It's a comedy that has to do with pancakes. I know it sounds weird (it is) but come check this panny out!


3. Spoiled batter

(Hey you guys. Class starts and the teacher gave us a ‘get to me’ sheet to fill out.) “this reminds me of kindergarten.” The boy said next to me laughing. (His laugh was sooo sweetly sounded.) “I’m Parker by the way.” He added. “Oh, I’m Pann- Franics.” I said shly.  (I hope he couldn’t tell that I liked him because that would be awkward. Before I could say something else he go up out of his chair and sat by Rebecca. It must have been time to share you paper with someone else. I was alone and so was this other girl on the other side of the room. I squinted my eyes to look. IT’S MONA! I must’ve no realize she came in this class. I looked around and everyone including Mona was looking at me..............I must have accidentally said that out loud. Mona walked in my direction and turned to sit with this other girl. I was shocked..... what just happened. What’s going on?!) long it will try then long it shall be. RIP my 10th grade fun.


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