Why We Eat Pancakes

This story is a Pantastic one! It's a comedy that has to do with pancakes. I know it sounds weird (it is) but come check this panny out!


1. Panny Manny

(hello there! I'm Francis Moko. Yes I am a girl and yes I love pancakes.... anyway school starts for the first time since summer vacation began and I am currently walking in now.)

"Panny!" Someone yells. "That's not my name Kylar." I say back. "Yeah it is, people have been calling you that ever since 4th grade." "Yeah I know, now it's freaking 10th grade! Give it a rest before everyone remembers to call me that again." "Fine, 'FRANIS'" Kylar said moving his two fingers up and down. "Welp it was nice seeing ya, I gotta find homeroom." I say trying my best to avoid him. "What hall?" He asked. "Umm 300 hall." I reply. "Oh cool! Thats my hall too!" (I could tell this was gonna be a looooong year


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