Why We Eat Pancakes

This story is a Pantastic one! It's a comedy that has to do with pancakes. I know it sounds weird (it is) but come check this panny out!


4. No more butter

(wow, did she forget about me? Does she remember me? All these questions pop in my head. I look around the room one last time and see everyone talk to someone else. I guess the class number is odd. I’m have to go talk to Mona because there is no way she forgot about me!) “Francis.” The teacher says interrupting my thoughts. Everyone looked at me. “Y-yes sir?” I answered. “You can partner up with me.” The said then I herd some giggles. (Ugh why me? Why today? Why now?) I go towards his desk passing Mona while looking at her hoping she’ll look back. But no she just talk to her partner. Acting like she never knew me. Finally after two long classes went by and it was finally lunch! I was starving! The bell rang and almost everyone ran out of the classroom. But I walked and I saw Mona in front of me walking. So I caught up to her so that we could talk. “Hey.” “Oh hey Francis.” “How come you didn’t partner up with me?” “Oh that’s because my cousin moved here and so I was just trying to make her feel comfortable. And because you kinda embarrassed me.” “Haha I’m sorry.” “It’s alright, do you mind if my cousin sits with us?” “You don’t have to ask, it’s okay if she hangs with us.” “Cool, okay.” We walk to lunch and get our food and sat at a table in the corner. Then me and Mona talked so much at lunch that I think her cousin felt left out. 

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