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  • Published: 28 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Good things come to those who wait.
This too shall pass
No baby can ever replace another, every single baby is unique and precious, some are born and others aren't, any child that is born following a child that died isn't a replacement, they are just a longed for sibling and a gift to their family


8. Stillbirth

Fred’s POV

By the time Christmas rolls around Dr. Weaver was in the hospital and septic. Monitoring our daughter and our surrogate. Lana never leaves the hospital because she’s worrying about her baby.

“I’m sorry Dr. Weaver. If I had known.”

“Lana, don’t apologize. I did this to myself. It was my choice.”

“Lana, can I talk to you.”

Lana comes into the hallway and I give her a hug and a kiss.

“What’s wrong?”

“If this doesn’t work…”

“It will I know it will. It has too.”

I just pull her close and hug my wife tightly. She’s my world.

“Did you pick a name?”

“I want to call our daughter Hope because she’s hope.”

“Lana, that’s beautiful.”


January 2026

Lana’s frantic. She’s running around trying to prepare the house for our daughter Hope. We’re sleeping and we get a call from the hospital. Lana immediately gets up and starts grabbing things. I answer the phone and my heart breaks watching my wife all excited.

“Mr. Diblasio?”

“Yes, it’s me. How can I help you?”

“You need to come immediately. It’s regarding your unborn daughter and your surrogate.”

“Lana honey, maybe just one outfit.”

“Okay. Let’s go I want to meet Hope.”

When we arrive at the hospital Lana runs to room 707 and runs to Dr. Weaver. The doctor is crying and then points over to the bassinet. Lana stares down at our baby and falls to her knees. I walk in and see that Hope isn’t breathing. Hope was stillborn so they took her early.

“I told them not too until you got here but they took her. They had to take her. I’m so sorry. We can try again.”

“No Dr. Weaver that won’t be necessary our next step is adoption and I don’t even want to do that. I’ve lost six children and this is the one I love the most because I actually got to watch her grow.”

Lana lifts the stone-cold Hope into her arms and strokes the dead baby’s face. Hope’s limp body in her mother’s arms. Lana looks at me and her eyes say it all.

“She was perfect. She’s the first one of my six children I get to hold and she’s stillborn. Four miscarriages, two surrogates, one car accident and one stillbirth. When will it end Fred? When will it end?”

“I don’t know.”

I hold Hope in my arms and Dr. Weaver cries. Lana sits on the hospital beside Sigourney and thanks her repeatedly.

“Thank you Sigourney you’ve given us an amazing gift. The gift of holding our baby girl. I’ve had five failed pregnancies where I never got to hold one, and I only got to carry four. Thank you for making our sixth child special.”

“Lana, try again. Just before you’re about to give up a miracle happens.”

“Thank you Dr. Weaver but Fred and I have decided adoption is the best route for our situation.”

“You’re welcome and I’m sorry I couldn’t keep Hope alive long enough.”

“It’s not your fault she has lung problems.”

I just hold Hope and cry. I stroke her face and then Lana comes over and stares at her while we just stand in the middle of the room in the middle of the night watching our dead baby trying to pretend she’s just sleeping and it’s all a nightmare.


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