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  • Published: 28 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Good things come to those who wait.
This too shall pass
No baby can ever replace another, every single baby is unique and precious, some are born and others aren't, any child that is born following a child that died isn't a replacement, they are just a longed for sibling and a gift to their family


17. Hospital Admittance

March 2027

Lana’s POV

22 weeks pregnant or 5 ½ months pregnant. In 14 weeks, the baby is due. Today though it’s not about when the baby is going to be here. It’s about if Fred and I are having a little boy or a little girl. I put a hand on my baby bump and smile at Fred sitting in his chair on the other side of the exam room. He smiles back at me. This is what our marriage was started on. Nothing but I love you and kisses and smiles.
       Dr. Elliot comes in, washes her hands, pops on some gloves and sits down on her stool. I lift my shirt as she turns on the machine. She types a few things into the computer and squirts the gel on my abdomen. My ball shaped abdomen.

“Wow! You’ve gotten bigger. 5 ½ months. Sorry we waited so long to do this. How does it feel to finally have one successful pregnancy?”

“It’ll feel a million times better when I have my baby in my arms in 14 weeks.”

“Are you ready to learn the gender? First, tell me the name if it’s a girl.”

“Alaina Grace.”

“What if you’re having a boy?”

“Henry Matthew.”

“What do you want?”

“A girl but we wouldn’t care if it was a boy. We’ve had the pink nursery for five years. Even though we didn’t know what we were having five years ago.”

“Well you have six angels up in Heaven wanting to know what Mommy and Daddy are having. So, shall we?”

“Yes. Are you ready Fred?”

“Are you ready Lana because I am.”

“I am too.”

Dr. Elliot moves the wand all over my abdomen and stops over something. The baby keeps moving.

“Well the baby won’t stop moving. I do think it’s safe to say that’s it’s definitely NOT a boy.”

“We’re having a girl?”

“Yes…it’s a girl. Congragulations!”

“Thank you so much. It’s a girl…Fred we’re having a girl.”

Dr. Elliot types into the computer and prints out a copy of the sonogram. The words ‘It’s a girl!’ are printed on the sonogram in bold white letters. Dr. Elliot keeps moving the wand over my abdomen and frowns. I see her frowning and I furrow my brow. Fred gets up and stands beside me. Dr. Elliot types in a few things and then prints the baby’s heartbeat out.

“Dr. Elliot what’s wrong with Alaina?”

“It seems to me her heartbeat is off. It’s not normal. None of the fluids are at normal levels, your cervix is in the wrong place and wow! Her oxygen levels are at 92%.”

“What’s the risk of another stillbirth?”

“Higher than Hope and Hope was stillborn.”

“I still have 4 ½ months to go. Is she going to be born premature?”

“Most likely. I want to put you in the hospital. I want to monitor Alaina and you. Your blood pressure and nutrients levels aren’t normal either. Have you been eating right?”

“No…I haven’t.”

“I’m not mad just we need to get you checked in next door. I’ll be right back. Clean up and get dressed. I’ll be back soon.”

I start getting dressed and start crying. Fred sits downs and holds me as I finish dressing.

“I’m sorry Fred…I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is. I’ve lost four of our children and I don’t want to lose anymore.”

“You heard Dr. Elliot it’s going to be fine.”

“No, it’s not. What if Alaina dies?”

“Then she just does. Lana, I have a question. Can we not name her Alaina Grace?”

“What else could we name her?”
“Marcella Leigh?”

“No, we were going to name the one Bex was carrying that if it was a girl?”


“That’s for the fourth child.”

“Lillian Lynette?”

“Lillian Lynette Diblasio. I like it but…no.”

“Catherine Leigh Diblasio or Cathy.”

“Cathy? More like Kate.”

“So, Catherine Leigh Diblasio it is?”

“Yes, our little Kate.”

       Dr. Elliot returns with a smile on her face and a wheelchair.

“I can walk.”

“We’re going to wheel you over. Come on sit please.”


Fred stands up and helps me stand. Then he helps me sit down. He puts my feet up and takes the chair from Dr. Elliot. She opens the door for us and Fred wheels me down the hall. He wheels me outside and under a breezeway. Dr. Elliot is still at the lead. She opens the hospital door and takes us up to room 205. She leaves us and says a few words before closing the door.

“Dr. Manahan will be here shortly to get you settled in. She’s my colleague and will care for you until your dismissal. She says when you can leave. See you in a few weeks. Goodbye Diblasios’.”

“Goodbye Dr. Elliot.”

Fred sits down on the couch and I stay in my wheelchair for a few more minutes. A tall lady with blonde hair and blue eyes comes in with a chart. She smiles and shakes my hand before introducing herself.

“Hello Mrs. Lana Diblasio. I’m Dr. Manahan. We’re going to get you up in the bed and monitors set up to monitor your little baby girl. Dr. Elliot informed me that her heart, oxygen levels and fluids were insufficient. Your blood pressure and nutrients were flawed. We’ll fix that.”

Dr. Manahan helps me into the hospital bed. A nurse comes in and starts an IV. Then nurse then sets up a heartbeat monitor around my swollen abdomen and Dr. Manahan checks my blood pressure.

“Oh wow! 140 over 90. That’s high! Um can we get some blood pressure medicine over here? Now let’s check this baby. Her heartrate isn’t good at all. Her amniotic sac is 75% full and there’s a tiny tear. Your cervix isn’t closed all the way. Your baby is only getting 90% oxygen. Get an oxygen tube started please? I’ll be back. Get some rest please?”

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