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  • Published: 28 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Good things come to those who wait.
This too shall pass
No baby can ever replace another, every single baby is unique and precious, some are born and others aren't, any child that is born following a child that died isn't a replacement, they are just a longed for sibling and a gift to their family


24. Gone

Two days later…

Fred’s POV

I roll over and smile at my wife, peacefully at rest. She opens her eyes and grins at me. She snuggles closer to me and pecks my nose. I plant a gentle kiss on her lips. I wrap my arms around her and she snuggles closer.

“Morning beautiful.”

“Morning handsome.”

“Are you ready to go see our daughter?”

“I’m still in bed.”

“Then get out of bed sleepy head.”

Lana leaps up and runs to the bathroom. I get up and get dressed. Khaki slacks, white socks, my red converse, blue polo shirt, hair gel and finally a spritz of cologne. Lana comes out wearing black skinny jeans, blue converse, a long white blouse with lace, her feather pendant, her hair up in curls, red lipstick and a spritz of perfume.

“Why are we so dressed up?”

“Because we’re going to see our daughter. Today is the day they take off some of her tubes and monitors.”

“You look beautiful.”

“You look devishly handsome.”

“Shall we?”

“Yes, we shall. To the hospital to see our daughter.”

 When Lana and I arrive at the hospital we walk into Sophia’s NICU room and find her in Dr. Katoosh’s arms. The doctor is holding our baby girl and nurses are milling around. Lana runs in and takes Sophia away from Dr. Katoosh. Tears stream down my wife’s eyes.

“What happened?”
“Her heart…right before you came it stopped. We just saved her.”

“You mean she was dead?”

“Yes Mr. Diblasio.”

“Lana can I hold my daughter?”

“Why wouldn’t you?”

Lana puts Sophia in my arms and I kiss her forehead. Even with the oxygen tube my little princess is still wheezing. Her heart monitors beep and monitor her weak heart. I sit down in the rocking chair and rock my princess back and forth. If I could sing I would sing. Lana comes and sits beside me and Dr. Katoosh leaves us alone. Lana takes Sophie and rocks the little girl. I stare at Lana as she starts to sing.

“You’ll be in my heart

Yes, you’ll be in my heart

From this day on

Now and forever more

You’ll be in my heart always.”

“Sing another one.”

“I don’t know anymore.”

“Sing Constant as the Stars Above.”

“My mother used to sing that to me.”

“Sing it. Lana you have a beautiful singing voice. I don’t know why you never did anything with your talents.”

“I don’t know.”


“Constant as the stars above

Always know that you are loved

And my love shining in you

Will help you make your dreams come

Will make your dreams come true

The lamb lies down

To rest its head

On its mother’s downy bed

Dolphin plays in the moonlight

And butterfly dreams of a violet rose

Dreams of a violet rose.”

“I love you Lana. Now let’s go.”

“I’m not leaving Sophia. I want her to get better.”

“Okay we’ll ask Dr. Katoosh what to do.”

“Okay. I love you Fred.”

“I love you too Lana. I’ll be back soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I get up kiss my wife and kiss my daughter. Lana didn’t know that I was about to do something. I was about to sacrifice my life for my daughter’s. I go to the hospital chapel and kneel to pray.

“Lord you’ve taken six of our children. Don’t take the girl. Take me…Don’t take our seventh. If you’re going to take someone take me. Take me I beg you but let Sophia Kate Isabella Diblasio live.”

In the chapel, my prayer is answered. God isn’t going to take me, he’s going to let Sophia live. I walk back to the NICU room and find Lana changing Sophie’s diaper. She washes the baby off, puts on a fresh diaper and lays the infant back in her isolation unit. I need to stop calling it a container. Sophia’s heart monitor starts beeping and Lana steps back crying. Sophia starts seizing and nurses run in. I gather Lana into my arms and shield her away from the chaos. We step outside the room and we both start crying and praying.

“She’s going to die Fred.”

“No, she won’t. Even if she does, she’ll come back.”

“We’re going to lose another one. I can’t wait any longer. I want to take SOPHIA home!”

“Lana calm down.”

“I am calm.”

My wife slips from my grasps and falls to the floor. She’s crying and shaking. Dr. Katoosh comes out and I look up from the ground. Lana looks up and Dr. Katoosh shakes her head. Lana starts crying again and I comfort her. Tears stream down my face…Sophia Kate Isabella Diblasio is dead. Our baby girl only two months old and born premature is gone. Our last shot at being parents is soon going to be buried with her sister Hope.













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