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  • Published: 28 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Good things come to those who wait.
This too shall pass
No baby can ever replace another, every single baby is unique and precious, some are born and others aren't, any child that is born following a child that died isn't a replacement, they are just a longed for sibling and a gift to their family


15. Doctor's Advice

January 2027

Lana’s POV

Fred and I are waiting in Dr. Elliot’s office, waiting for her to bring us back. We’re waiting to know how far along I am, when I’m due and most importantly if my baby…our baby is okay. Fred squeezes my hand and I stare into his eyes. He brings my hand up to his lips and plants a soft kiss on it.

“You look beautiful today.”

“You look devishly handsome.”

“I love you Lana.”

“I love you too.”

We stare into each other’s eyes and get called back.

“Diblasio, Lana. Dr. Elliot will see you now.”

I take Fred’s hand and pull him up. I hold his arm as we walk back. The nurse doesn’t say anything but shows us to exam room four. Fred sits on a chair and I change into the exam gown. The gown is blue with feathers all over it.

“Fred it has feathers on it.”

“Oh no, feathers.”

My husband knows me well. I’m obsessed with feathers. When Rebecca was alive, she used to find feathers everywhere and pick them up for me. I have a whole collection in my office. All of them are framed and hanging on the wall. My wedding ring has a feathered engraved into it. I have four feather necklaces, two pairs of feather earrings, a lot of feather bracelets and a feather anklet. Not to mention, my shoes with feather print, my four feather shirts and my feather swimsuit.

I change into the feather gown and sit on the exam bed. Dr. Elliot comes in wearing feather scrubs and takes her seat. I smile at Fred and he smiles at me. Dr. Elliot checks her file for me and then smiles and looks up.

“Hello Lana, what’re we in for today? Your file has nothing. The last record was when your surrogate gave birth last year and when you came in with fertility questions. So, what’s up?”

“Dr. Elliot I’m pregnant again.”

“What is this pregnancy number five?”

“Yes…baby number seven.”

“I knew it was number five. It’s in your file that you’ve had four pregnancies and the statistics.”

“What would you recommend for us to stay pregnant?”

“Hormone shots. More specifically the shots that are commonly used in IVF.”

“Does our insurance cover those hormone shots?”

“Insurance covers almost anything. For you it might because they’re probably tired of paying for hospital fees after a miscarriage or accident.”

“I’m excited. I can’t believe I’m pregnant.”

“No wait. I need a pap smear, a blood test and an ultrasound.”


Dr. Elliot leaves and returns shortly with a kit. She draws blood, she does a pap smear and then orders an ultrasound. I lay back and smile at Fred. He gives me a cheeky little grin. Dr. Elliot squirts the cold liquid on my abdomen and turns the machine on. She turns the television to where I can see. She begins moving the wand around and frowns. She types in a few things and then keeps moving it around. Finally, she turns it off and hands me a rag to clean off.

Dr. Elliot gets up and washes her hands. She steps out and leaves us in silence. Finally, Fred says something.

“What did you see?”

“Nothing. But, I just know I’m pregnant. The at home pregnancy test said I was.”

“I know you are too Lana. We’re going to have our little girl.”

Dr. Elliot returns with a piece of paper. She hands me the paper and I read it. It’s a prescription for hormone shots.

“You’re pregnant. Three months or twelve weeks. I’ll see you in two weeks. So, you go to the pharmacy. They’ll give you enough shots for two weeks. You take them home and put them in the freezer. Every day at nine am, noon and nine pm, Fred will stick you right here.”

Dr. Elliot places two fingers on my abdomen and smiles.

“In two weeks, we’ll check the baby’s progress. With these hormone shots, hopefully you stay pregnant.”

“Thank you Dr. Elliot.”

“You’re in my prayers. I want you to have a baby just as much as you do.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“No thank you Mrs. Diblasio. See you in two weeks.”

Fred and I leave the office and head to the pharmacy. I walk in and present the prescription to the lady at the register. She smiles at me, reads the prescription and leaves. She shortly returns with a small plastic cooler.

“These need to stay in the freezer. You take one out of the freezer no more than five minutes before you use it. You must use them at the exact time your doctor told you. Here’s 42 for two weeks. I hope your pregnancy works.”

“Thank you…do I know you?”

“Yes, I had my little girl a year ago. I was ‘eavesdropping’ when your surrogate gave birth to a stillborn and I heard about your failed attempts. I can’t imagine what you and your husband went through.”

“Thank you. What’s your name?”
“Emily Wilkinson. I wish you the best of luck and you’re in my prayers.”

I sign for the shots, pick up the cooler and walk out the door. Fred pops the trunk and I load the cooler in. I slide into my seat and fasten my seatbelt. Fred doesn’t say a word as we drive home.

“When do you start?”

“Tomorrow. We’re going to have to take them with us everywhere.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I.”

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