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  • Published: 28 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Good things come to those who wait.
This too shall pass
No baby can ever replace another, every single baby is unique and precious, some are born and others aren't, any child that is born following a child that died isn't a replacement, they are just a longed for sibling and a gift to their family


20. Baby on it's way

Fred’s POV

I wake up in Lana’s arms and move to the couch without waking her up. My efforts were in vain because Dr. Elliot just walked in and woke Lana up. Lana stretches and rubs her swollen belly. This pregnancy was hard on me but it was even worse on her. All these complications, all these things wrong with the baby. Pregnancy is supposed to be the epitome of a woman’s life but not for Lana. Six failed pregnancies take their toll eventually. Dr. Elliot stands and smiles then starts talking.

“Your results are back. I have good news and I have bad news.”

“What’s the good news.”

“Is there is no bad news. Not anything that can’t be fixed.”

“What is it?”

I just sit in silence and listen as my wife and her doctor discuss things.

“The baby’s heart rate is very low and her oxygen levels have only gotten worse. Her amniotic fluids are back at 99%. Her lungs are working at full capacity and she just isn’t getting enough oxygen. We have a decision to make. Take her now or wait.”

“Fred what do you want to do?”

“It’s up to you. What is today?”
“Today is the 19th.”

“Lana do you want to have our baby on Bex’s birthday?”

“Wait five more days? Dr. Elliot will our daughter last that long?”
“We can try. If anything goes wrong or if this doesn’t get better we will have an emergency C-section.”

“How are you going to take her on the 24th”

“On the 22nd we’ll administer an inducing drug. The drug will start the labor process on the 23rd and on the 24th you’ll have your daughter.”

“Will she be okay?”

“Tiny but should be fine. We’ll just have to put her in the NICU.”

“Okay then let’s do it.”

“Goodbye. See you later.”

“Bye Dr. Elliot.”
“Fred are you excited?”

“Very. In five days, I’ll have my daughter. Not in my arms but I’ll have her. We’ll have her.”

“What are we going to name her?”
“I don’t know. You’ve shot down every name idea. How about Megan Nicole?”


“Jessica Renee?”


“Elizabeth Diana?”

“Elizabeth Diana Diblasio? Elizabeth yes, Diana no. How about Elizabeth Grace Diblasio?”

“Yes…I like that name. I’m so proud of you baby. You’re so strong and so brave. You’re going to be the best mother in the world.”

“I already am a mother. I just don’t have any of my children still alive.”

“Lana, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant you’re the best mother in the world and with our little Lizzie you’ll get to prove your capabilities.”
“That’s not any better. Just stop, you’ll make it worse.”

“I’ll be right back. I know how to fix this.”

I run out the door and to the elevator. I run to the gift shop and find the perfect bouquet of yellow sunflowers. Which are Lana’s favorite flower. In line waiting to check out I see the perfect little hat. It’s small and pink but it has words on it that make it the perfect hat for baby Lizzie who’ll be here soon. ‘Miracles happen every day and you’re one of those miracles’. I purchase the hat and flowers before running back upstairs.

Lana’s watching television and laughing. I present her with the flowers and with the hat.

“Fred, these flowers are beautiful and what’s this?”

“A hat for Elizabeth Grace. Our little Lizzie.”

“What does it say? Oh, it says Miracles happen every day and you’re one of those miracles.”

“Lizzie is our miracle Lana. I can’t thank you enough for marrying me, going through hell and back to get to this moment.”

“We’re not there yet.”

“We’ll be there soon.”

“I know. I love you Fred.”

“I love you too Lana. I’m glad you married me.”

“I’m glad I married you seven years ago. I’m glad I met you ten years ago. I’m glad we got married and I’m ecstatic that in five days I’m having your baby.”

“She’s going to be perfect.”

I lean over and kiss my wife before climbing into the hospital bed with her and cradling her in my arms. Soon the wait would be over. Soon our daughter would be in our arms. Soon, Elizabeth Grace Diblasio would be sleeping in the nursery I paint five years ago. Soon…the word that meant I was close but not quite there.

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