tmnt three kinds of me

This is about a girl how meets a turtle in orange. She has been abused and treated like a nobody. What will the turtle in orange do? How can he help her?
Read to find out


3. Chapter 2

Today is Saturday and I do what I normally do. Watch my favorite T.V show that on old cartoons. HE-MAN! It’s my favorite cartoon of all time. I sit down and right before I turn on the t.v I hear someone nock. I sigh and walk to the door. When I opened it my heart stopped. It was Dave. “Wh....what are you do here?” I ask. “Let me in now or else.” I let him in with out hesitation. I close the door and walk into the kitchen. “Where do you think you’re going? I want you in you room. I glop as I head up stairs. I got to my room and turned around to see Dave close and lock the door. He slams me onto the bed. I started to shake under him. And at this point I was crying because I knew what was about to happen. “Please d....don’t hurt me.” “I’m not going to hurt you sweetie.” He says in a clam voice. He wipes my eyes and takes out a knife. And cuts my shirt at the sides. The cuts my pants so he’s able to take them off. He uses my shirt as ropes and ties my hands and feet to the bed frame. Then he grabbed a book of the shelf. He hit me on the head with it. Then all I seen was darkness.

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