tmnt three kinds of me

This is about a girl how meets a turtle in orange. She has been abused and treated like a nobody. What will the turtle in orange do? How can he help her?
Read to find out


1. Chapter 1

Clover’s POV~

Ding Ding. Finally schools over. "Clover Oath!" I hear someone call as I walk out the door to the school. “ If you think that you can just walk out of there without a rats ass. Then your mistaking.” I here Dave call out to me. “Why can’t I just walk away form you? Is it because you the one how......” before I could finish he pushed me up against the school. “If you even finish that sentence you’re going to have to wear makeup when I’m finished.”  I gulped “ I.... I’m s......sorry I thought you were at practice.” I try to lie to him but sadly he replied with “ B.S you know I have practice every two days!” “I.....I” “save it. My house now.” So I walk quitly to his place. Why did I say yes to him dating me? I ask my self. We get to his house and of course we have to go to his room. When we go in he locks the door and throws me on the bed. When I try to move he pushes down even harder on my wrists. “Know. Why do you even try to lie to me?” Dave growls at me. “I don’t know” I say as he keeps pressure on my wrists. “Well if you don’t know then why lie?” I shake my head no. “I think it’s time you go” I take the and leave. and by the way this isn’t over.” With that I left in a hurry. 


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