In this au Zane discovers magical powers along with is friends so join as the discover new power and new enemies leading to an epic show down between dark and light


3. Family reunion

After a long pacifist run 

Frisk:there's gotta be som-

Toriel:MY CHILD 


Asriel:howdy Dad,Mom

Toriel:Where have you been all these years 

Asriel:it's a long story 

Asgore:who cares we could be a family again.    that is if

Toriel:of course we could 

Asriel:we still aren't complete 

Chara: they didn't for get me 

Asriel:I still can't I'll go back to being a flower 


Asriel:I have no soul 

Asgore takes is soul and breaks it in half gives one half to asriel toriel dose the same 

Asriel:thank you but chara 

Frisk breaks her soul in half and gives one to chara 

Chara now can be seen and has a physical  body 


Chara:hi asriel 


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