Dystopic Alleviation 2 A science fiction novel

In the Canadian city of Toronto, two young scientists continue working on the robots, as the Government continues to crack down on human/robot relationships.

The sequel to Dystopic Alleviation.


3. Success


Cora Kirsch ​stared at the robots. "We could make a lot of money, Doctor Lowell, Doctor McDougall". They saw Amy wasn't grinning; they knew it was mad. "What we're doing isn't for the money. The other scientists were threatened with jail over The Project last year. It was diabolical", Doctor Lowell sighed with frustration. Cora, who was wearing a white lab coat, gazed at Amy. "It doesn't like me". Amy whistled a tune. "See! She does enjoy music; she enjoys human interaction", Doctor McDougall said. He walked towards the microphone. "Amy, Cora Kirsch is here...". It stared at her. "You arrested my fellow robots". Cora didn't smile. "I have a job working for the Canadian Government in Alberta". It shook its head, as its wires went up and down. "We want to live​", it stated. Cora, who was six feet tall, nodded. "We can't have female robots having children. ​Or marrying human men​". It watched Cora with a sense of disbelief; it watched the two Doctors with a sense of wonder. "Amy, Cora doesn't want you to be arrested; Cora wants what's best for you. And us", Doctor McDougall said. Amy looked at the other female robots. Some were on the production like in the Toronto factories in the laboratory; some were behaving like Amy was. In short, the dystopic alleviation they all felt was a symptom of the process that wouldn't be shut down like a computer did.

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