Dystopic Alleviation 2 A science fiction novel

In the Canadian city of Toronto, two young scientists continue working on the robots, as the Government continues to crack down on human/robot relationships.

The sequel to Dystopic Alleviation.


1. Robots in Canada


​It wasn't fair that ​the Canadian Government was corrupt. The scientists were busy building female robots to be their wives. The older scientists knew that The Project was going to be controversial. Doctor Marvin Lowell, thirty, and Doctor Carson McDougall, twenty-five, were the new generation who ignored political correctness in Toronto, Ontario, Quebec City, and Montreal. 

"Progress means you have to deal with Cora Kirsch", Doctor Lowell said. 

"Isn't she the Head of Canadian Robotics?", Doctor McDougall asked him. 

"Yes, and she's hard headed", Doctor Lowell said. He gazed at the computer screens.

"Everything is AOK", Doctor McDougall stated.

"I...", Doctor Lowell was about to say, when his I-phone rang. 


"Rich, this is Margery. You have to see Delia and Matthew".

"I'll see them on Saturday, as usual". 

"You always seem to demand everything". 

"Margery, you left me because of my job". He was irritated. 

"Are you seeing someone else?", Margery asked him.

"Cora Kirsch. She's my boss. There's no relationship with her", Doctor McDougall answered her. She paused. Then she sighed. And she turned the END CALL button, and the line went dead.


Doctor McDougall stared at the robots. They shifted their blue eyes. "Go slower", he said into the silver microphone. The robot moved by itself...and smiled at him.


"There has to be an ​emotional response. Humans aren't supposed to love female robots...unless The Project demands change. The Canadians will be used to change from a scientific viewpoint", Doctor Lowell said. He stared at the female robot. Wires were hooked up from its head, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. "Amy. Can you speak?", he asked it. "Yes, Doctor Lowell, Doctor McDougall". It was showing intelligence. The two scientists grinned at each other...and knew that if everything worked...then they'd go to Phase Two of The Project.

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