Dystopic Alleviation 2 A science fiction novel

In the Canadian city of Toronto, two young scientists continue working on the robots, as the Government continues to crack down on human/robot relationships.

The sequel to Dystopic Alleviation.


4. Dystopic Alleviation-Part Three


"The threat of dystopic alleviation​ shouldn't phase out The Project", Doctor Lowell said to Cora. She glanced at the glass window; she looked at Amy. "She's too intelligent for her own good; she's uncontrollable". She watched the female robot; she saw her robotic eyes. Amy stared back. All of the wires were preventing her from attacking Cora; all of the wires were of different colours: reds; blues; greys; oranges; and blacks. It watched Doctor McDougall, as it hoped that she knew that the time to make its move was on its radar.

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