The Prince's Personal Servant

Collin Andrews was a normal boy. He helped with the farming, did most the cooking, and kept the animals fed. Collin took care of his three siblings, Brayden, Jade, and Jackson. Brayden, the eldest, was only 7. Jade was Jackson was the middle child, so he was 5 and Jade was the youngest, at 4. Collin was 16 and worked hard after his parents got shipped off to the military by the king.
Now, Collin and his siblings were eating dinner one night with a neighbor. It was nothing different than the other nights, they ate, talked, and joked around. That is until there was a knock at the old wooden door.

1. Ch. 1

"Big Brother!" "Bubba!" "Brother!"

I wiped sweat from my forehead and turned to face the three small devils called children. "Yeah?" I asked panting. The three grinned up at me. "Play with us!" They begged. I smiled and ruffled their hair a bit. "I would but I'm working. You want food, right?" I chuckled. 

The pouted their lips but nodding anyways. "What's for supper then, Big Brother?" Brayden asked. I shrugged. "Whatever I can make in time, I suppose," I told him.

Brayden nodded. "Now take them inside and play, it's getting cold and you're not dressed properly," I demanded, pointing to the small run-down excuse for a house. Brayden pouted but smiled when I told him he could play inside. 

"Come on, Bray-Bray!" Jade cheered. Jackson (Or Jack as we all call him) nodded along with his youngers cheer. "Let's go play," He said softly, but happily. Brayden smiled and nodded. "Alright, see you for Supper, Big Brother!" He called as he grabbed Jack's hand, who swooped up his 4-year-old sister with little struggle.

I watched as Brayden led Jack and Jade inside the warm house and smiled. I never wanted them to grow up. I wanted them to stay small and tiny so I could care for them for the rest of my (and their) life.

"Hardworking, eh, Collin?" I jumped at the elderly voice. I whipped around to see Mr. Hajamay. "Oh, it's just you," I sighed out, putting a hand over my fast beating heart.

The elderly man grumbled. "Who were you expecting, boy? I'm the only willing one to come up this far." He growled playfully. I laughed and nodded, pulling up some potatoes I had grown. 

Mr. Hajamay was one of the many people down at the village. We lived up on a hill, and most the villagers were elderly so they didn't want to trug up the hill. Mr. Hajamay was the only willing one that came up and helped me pull weeds, potatoes, carrots, and stuff like that.

In payment, I always serve him supper. So it's kinda a normal thing for him to come up around this time when I'm about halfway through. He'd help out with the other half, and in no time we were finished and having supper.

"So, where are the little ones? There're usually running 'round my feet by now." Mr. Hajamay grunted as he pulled out some potatoes. He fell back as the round brown balls rolled around. 

I laughed and helped the old man up. He hissed furiously at the vegetable. I laughed again and heard a door creak open. Mr. Hajamay paled and I heard lots of happy squealing. 

"Mr. Hawajway!" Jade cheered, waddling to him and latching her small fingers on his pants leg. Mr. Hajamay smiled and ruffled her hair, making her laugh happily. Mr. Hajamay really liked Jade because she was so small. He had a small licking to Jackson because he was calm and quiet. He wasn't a big fan of Brayden's loud and hyper personality.    

"Hey, Sweetie." Mr. Hajamay said and ruffled her raven hair. They all shared the same hair color, but I was different. I had pure white hair, like snow. It was strange, the villagers called it. Jade loved it, saying it reminded her of Hero's on a snow white horse. She thought of me as a Hero's horse, reassuring. 

Jack was okay with it, called me stressed once. When I asked him why he said it was because in his books it said that when people were really stressed they got white or silver hair. I brushed it off. I wasn't stressed.

The village said it was because my dad was an old man like Mr. Hajamay and he mom had me, then died. Mom then found another man with raven hair and green eyes. They suited him, the village said. Mom had Brayden, then Jackson, and a year later, Jade. They called her Jade because she was the only one who got 'Dads' green eyes and not mom hazle ones. I had the mans eyes, a kind, soft, Amethyst. It was truly beautiful.

"Brother? Are you okay?" Jack asked with wide hazel eyes. I snapped out my daze and nodded, smiling kindly at my younger brother. "I am,"

He watched me for a second and nodded. "Can I help?" He bashfully looked down. I blinked in surprise. "We were gonna come out and ask if we could help, but Mr. Hajamay was already here..." He mumbled. I chuckled and ruffled his raven hair.

"You can still help, Jack," I told him, which made him brighten up. "With what? What can I-" "We!" "Do?" Jack glared at Jade, who only laughed and clung to Mr. Hajamay's pants leg. 

"Help big brother pull up the carrots?" I suggested. Jack nodded and set a determined game face, setting to work with pulling the orange triangles out the dirt. "What about us?!" Brayden pipped up. I looked at them and nodded. "Jade, pull the weeds, and Brayden help Mr. Hajamay with the potatoes," I told.

"I don't need no dang help with the potatoes, boy!" Mr. Hajamay yelled. I laughed and nudged Brayden to him. "Just let yourself be helped, old man." I grinned. Mr. Hajamay grumbled but allowed the boy to help.

Jade had set to work with the weeds, and the boys helped out with the real challenge. 

"Oh, Collin?" Mr. Hajamay whispered. I blinked up at him in confusion. "Yes?" "I need to tell you something," He rushed out. I nodded and we walked a little way away from the three kids.

"I saw the Kings' guards patrolling the village," Mr. Hajamay said. "Why?"

"How am I suppose to know?" He asked innocently. I rolled my eyes. "You know everything, Mr. Hajamay," I chuckled at his mocking face. "Fine, the Guards said they were looking for a healthy and strong teenager or young adult for Prince Viktor's personal servant." He looked at me worriedly.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked wearily. Mr. Hajamay looked down in shame. "They asked one of the villagers if she knew of a person that fit the description..." He trailed off. My eyes widened as I slowly started to understand.

"She said you, Collin Andrews,"

"Bubba!!!" Jade cried loudly. I looked over at her to see her hiding behind Jack, who was behind Brayden. 

"Oh no..." I heard Mr. Hajamay gasp.

In front of my siblings was a pure white horse with gold armor and a man riding the saddle. His stern face must of scared Jade, that or the sharp and long sword that hung from the man's waist.

"I heard there was a Collin Andrews that lives up here?" His gray eyes pierced through each of us before it stopped on me.

"You," He growled and jumped off the horse. He stomped over to me and stopped a few feet away. "You are Collin Andrews, correct?" He asked. 

I growled at him. "What's your proof that I am?" I challenged. The man glared at me, making a shiver go up my spine. "Your eyes. The lady said you had purple eyes, very abnormal indeed," He said and blinked slowly.

"I am," My voice shook. I felt Brayden grip my hand, Jack on my other, and Jade on my legs, hugging them tightly as she stared up at the man.

"We request you to come with us," He demanded. I thought he was requesting? Guess not. "No! Bubba stays here!" Jade squealed loudly, huffing at the man angrily. "Yeah, back off old man!" Brayden hissed while Jack glared at him with hatred.

"Brother stays, final." He had muttered.

"Yeah, sorry sir, but I'm sure Collin has his responsibilities here," Mr. Hajamay pipped in. The man glared at him, making Mr. Hajamay shrink away.

"His parents can care for the kids," he said. The four of us looked down, Jade already having tiny tears streaming down her chubby cheeks. Jack teared up like Brayden, but he tried to look strong.

"They can't." Brayden's voice shook. "They're dead." 

The man raised a brow. "The king sold them off to the military, they died shortly after," I explained, barely looking at the man. He nodded.

"You have been selected. This man shall look after the children." The man decided. Mr. Hajamay gasped. "But, he's old, sir! There's no way he can look after three kids under ten!" I yelled, pulling them behind me. 

"He can look after them, the village too. Now come on." He demanded sternly, getting aggravated. "No! Bubba Stay!" Jade squeaked loudly. I looked down at her softly, crouching down to be eye level.

"Jade, Jackson, Brayden," I said "I have to g-" "NO! BUBBA STAY!" Jade cried, fat tears climbing down her face. "BUBBA STAY! BUBBA STAY BUBBA STAY!" She screamed. I teared up. "Brayden, be a good big brother, okay?" I whispered to him. Brayden nodded, tears quietly streaming down his face.

"Jack, be good for brother, okay?" He nodded. "Bubba! Please! Bubba!" Jade sobbed, hugging me tightly. I stroked her raven hair, hugging her and the boys tightly. I heard Mr. Hajamay sniff to the side. 

"Be good for Bubba, please," I whispered, kissing each of their heads gently. 

I stood up and walked past the man and to the other guys who had opened the door to a large metal box for me to get into. One of the men grabbed me by my white hair, making me gasp out while another guy bounded my wrists together tightly.

I heard Jade screaming at the guys as they threw me roughly into the metal box and slammed the door shut, locking it from the outside.

I heard the man and his guys jump onto the horses and Jade screaming at them, screaming for me. 

I cried softly as the horses took off towards the Kings' castle, the man laughing at me all the way back. Laughing at my Amethyst eyes and snow hair. The laughed at all of me.

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