The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


7. Volume Two: Abyss's Entrance

The Ordinary Fantasy

Abyss's Entrance

Macris arrived to the town about two weeks ago and about five days after he had been admitted to the Rasle Guild. Out of the many guilds that have been known for their lacking care for their employee, Rasle guild provides insurance to the members who have been admitted for at least three years. Though three years may be a long period of time, the principal informed him that only the small percentage of guilds provides such service and its mostly because of the fact that they primarily deal with the [First Abyss].

[First Abyss] is the first layer of the [Abyss]. Each layers of [Abyss] causes the climate and weather conditions to be worse than the previous one. Though it has similar features with the human territory, its gravity is nearly twice and the land is rigid and infertile. Within this region, thousands of Duphons are to be building their territories in the limestone caves. However, to the combatants that are specialized within this region, Duphons have the same strength as a child to them.

The system of levels within this world depends on the persons's adaptation to each layers of the [Abyss]. For example, those who are within the human territories are all considered as level one but those who have adapted to the environment of the [First Abyss] are considered as a level two. The levels grow by twice the original as one becomes adapted from the [Abyss] to another. However, since the growth is due to the heavy gravity, if one were to return back to the human territory, then their status may drop at most 50 percent. But this is only when one retires and completely settles down on the human territory for span of a decade. 

Anyhow, the maximum level of humans has been identified to be 256 and this statement was only a theory since the highest level that humans achieved was 134. The [Eighth Abyss] was the region where these humans could only enter the most shallows areas. Grimoire was once the lord of this area.

Nowadays, there was one thing that kept bothering Macris: Origins of magics. The knowledge of transforming human life energy into usable form wasn't a new concept, but the concept of alternating the attributes of the life energy has been first introduced to humanity about three thousands of years ago. According to Grimoire's knowledge, it seems that there was once a nightmare who left the [Eighth Abyss] and have not returned to its home. There are two possibilities that we can infer from this fact.

1. The nightmare was defeated

2 The nightmare formed alliance with a human. 

Not a single human was said to defeat a nightmare from [Eighth Abyss], meaning that choice 1 is out of option. However, choice 2, similar to Macris's case, seems more plausible. 

If this was true, then there might be someone out there who may be able to give Macris some advice. For now, his highest priority was to find a method to revive Grimoire's mind, which could have come to him along with his knowledge. The reason why Macris left the magic academy early was due to this.




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