The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


8. Volume Two: Abyss's Entrance Part 2

The Ordinary Fantasy

Abyss's Entrance

Grimoire, the [Lord of Wisdom], became the lord of the [Eighth Abyss] with his detailed use of magic. Within the [Abyss], the only nightmares that use magics are found on the second to fifth abyss since the nightmares within the region are not strong enough to compete against humans with sheer physical abilities. This means that if there were to be a person that have been in contact with the nightmares, then they would mostly like be an experienced person who has been to the [Second Layer] or above.

However, Macris was not an official member of the guild. For him to research upon records, he must have the internship for the guild. Macris couldn't abide by the regulations, so he visited the testing site for the guild. The testing ground was a large plane of land that seems to be originally used as an training ground. When Macris glanced around, he could see that most who joined the guild wasn't youthful individuals with calming cheers but a nervous businessman who have nothing but this offer. 

"You will be tested upon your performance in problem solution and general strength!" The Davin, the vice guild master, shouted across the testing ground. 

"First is your efficiency! Run around the testing ground five times!" 

For those who have been trained physically, it was matter of controlling their breathing and pace efficiently, but for those who have trained magic, one would need to use their life energy efficiently to reduce pain, fatigue, or enhance their physical ability. Regardless, the testing ground was at least one miles.

"Ready!" The contestants prepared themselves for the battle; the physically strong ones got into their position and the magicians with their chanting and incarnations.

"Go!" Everyone paced themselves at the beginning, but there was one person who rushed out since the beginning, and that person was literally flying through the field.

"He must have been using a figure to hover the ground," this was what the most competitors have expected, but in reality, he was propelling himself with a mechanical fans that pushed him toward one direction. When he was close to the curves, he concentrated the life energy on the small plane that he stepped on before making the fans again. He repeated this process until the end of the run and only fifty life energy has been spent. It was mostly due to the fact that he had decreased as much inside area of the fans. Grimoire's ability is the only one that allows person to use their ability to this degree. The majority had guessed that it was a wind magic, but someone in the crowd new the reality behind them. 

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