The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


2. Volume One: Nightmare's Friend

The Ordinary Fantasy

Nightmare's Friend

In this world, total of eight [Abyss] layers exists and humans live within the continent of Terran, where it is unaffected by the harmful effects of the layers. Humans determine their strength by measuring their ability in terms of levels and status which can be tested from official guild or institutions. Since the farming has been the most important source of food resources, the majority, who did not possess any land, turned into the work as an adventurer to extend their survivals. Academies are now raising young to prepare themselves for their future journey and to reclaim their lost land.

[Schars Academy]

"Humans have experienced sharp decline over the thousands of years and our life expectancy has only been increased by five years in the span of thousands years. The average lifespan is forty two years," Our homeroom instructor, Mr. Aldes, briefly explained the wide varieties of problems of the humanity.

"Mr. Aldes. How far did we manage to clear out the Abyss?" Ria Lexis raised her hands.

"We have gained two percent and lost three..." Mr. Aldes's sigh demonstrated how hopeless we were against the entire world. Even the weakest nightmares, the Duphons, required at least average of two adults to subjugate them. However, the Duphon's greatest weapon wasn't its strength but their teamwork. These creatures had the intelligence to use man-made weapons. 

"Why isn't nightmare able to stay in the Terran for long period of time?" One of the students raised his hands.

"Its because of the sunlight and the sudden changes in the environment. That is the reason why a monster born in third layer doesn't go any higher or lower; it stays within its area for its lifetime." Mr. Aldes carefully answered the boy's question.

"How did humans manage to compete against them?" The same child with silver hair asked the teacher again.

"Humans had something that the nightmares didn't: Adaptability and struggles-" Mr. Aldes ceased his explanation as the Examination Bell had been rung. It was time for them to end their lesson and check the student's status.

"Everyone! Stand in a straight line in front of the measurement tool!" Mr. Aldes soon brought the status measurement device in front of the class in which the student craved to have their measurement tested against others.

"I am first!" The boy named Ruis landed his palm on the cube first. It displayed his status:

[Health: 71]

[Life Energy: 81]

[Strength: 67]

[Defense: 56]

[Agility: 63]

Soon, the children began to land their palm and those who were on the back were eager to see their growth. Out of the most promising children within the academy, the student with the unique silver hair stood out the most.

[Health: 161]

[Life Energy: 235]

[Strength: 78]

[Defense: 51]

[Agility: 73]

Though his physical ability wasn't unacceptable, his abnormal life energy has been considered to be promising for his future career as an adventurer. The name of this student was Macris Arsia, the mysterious boy who never had been famous despite his promising talents. No one was able to recall him before he had been introduced to the class as the highest performing student of the class. 



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