The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


3. Volume One: Nightmare's Friend Part Two

The Ordinary Fantasy

Nightmare's Friend 

It was an ordinary night until the moment that the sudden, abrupt crushes echoed throughout the dense forests. The furious, yet desperate cry of the gigantic nightmare had caused the nearby townsmen to evacuate immediately. The gigantic nightmare, though unnoticed, was heavily wounded from its previously conflicts. It powerless lay in the ground waiting for its death to reach him. As the red liquid inside of him became drained and its original might has been reduced to that of a mere weakling, it could not help itself but to laugh at its weaknesses.

"Who are you?" Under the body of the gigantic nightmare, there stood a young child with messy brown hair and a pair of round almond eyes. Everyone knew the dangers of the nightmare, especially those from the outside regions, but this boy didn't hesitate a single moment to ask the monster in front of him.

[Child. Are you not afraid?] The child earned some interest from the nightmare.

"What should I be afraid of?" The child, again, responded without any hesitation.

[You are the first one in thousands of years to say such absurd words.] The nightmare grinned with satisfaction.

"Could you be my friend?" The child asked out of nowhere.

[Why would you become a friend with a nightmare?] 

"Everyone calls me monster. Will you be my first friend?" The child offered his hand to the nightmare.

[Child. I will offer you a fable.] The nightmare cleared his throat before starting his story.

[Once upon a nighttime, a mere lizard once desired to become as mighty and freely as the dragons in the sky. However, he had already realized that the difference between the his ideal self and his current self was the sky and the earth. He learnt adaptability and emotions from the human to climb his way into the top. The lizard stood on the highest ground of all the creatures and eventually became the king of the dragons. However, the king's reign was short. For he to be betrayed by his own citizens and to be reduced to such conditions...] The angers began to materialize around the nightmare's body, but a single clinch had shattered anger.

[The message is that no matter how much you try, its the fate that truly decides upon your ending]

"...." The boy became silent for a moment. The nightmare closed his eyes down.

"Here is my story:" The boy cleared his throat just as the same as the nightmare before starting his story.

"Once upon a time, there was a boy who didn't know his parents or origins. Though he had done nothing, the entire town had considered him as the origins behind of the catastrophe. The boy couldn't understand why he was always called as a monster. He couldn't make a single friend and desperately waited for a day to find a person who understood him. It was an ordinary day that he had encountered with a giant who understood his feeling. And this boy stands right in front of you," The boy made a weak smile at the nightmare and slightly tilted his head. 

[I surrender] The nightmare finally opened his heart at the boy.

"Then, are you-?" The boy's smile intensified.

[Yes.  I will become your friend." 


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