The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


4. Volume One: Nightmare's Friend Part Three

The Ordinary Fantasy

Nightmare's Friend

By the time the nightmare became the boy's first friend, his body was now turning in black ashes. The nightmare himself knew that his end was approaching near. Though regretful, he reached his hand onto the child.

[My time is running out. I need your cooperation to extend it...]

"Anything for a friend!" The child replied happily.

[....] Nightmare hesitated to begin his plan.

"What is it?" The child worried.

The nightmare firmly closed his eyes and investigated upon the thousands of magic formulas within his head. When he noticed that he did not possess the necessary methods, he immediately combined his previous knowledge within his imagination. The thousands of complex commands and circuits of combinations were immediately brought down to the conclusion. This was the ability of the wisest Intelligence Nightmare, Grimoire. 


The eyes of the child became heavy and soon surrendered itself in the battle between the dream and the reality. The child wanted to say something before his dream but it wasn't heard of.

Grimoire, the lord of the [Eighth Abyss], was originally from the [Fourth Abyss]. Normally, a nightmare doesn't tend to migrate away from its origins. However, exceptions are always in existence, he was one of the rarest classification of nightmares, the Intelligent Type. The Intelligent Types were known for their highly developed intelligence in compensates for lower physical performance. 

Grimoire understood his limitations more than anyone. He understood that he was a mere Armagas, the creatures that had the appearance of a large lizard, and his ability from birth was the greatest interference in his life. Therefore, he learnt to use his lifespan and knowledge to its potential. He learnt the concept of adjusting one's body to adapt with the environment beyond him, and, soon, reached the position that he had longed for.

Though he wasn't able to prolong his life, he managed to lend his characteristics down to the brown haired boy. No, he was now silver haired, which resembled the silvery surface of the moon.

[Your name from now on is...

The word (Ma) meaning the crimson and the word (Cris) meaning moon. 

The word (Ar) meaning becoming and the world becoming (Si) meaning strongest and (a) meaning under.

Becoming Strongest Under the Crimson Moon]

[Macris Arsia]

The Crimson Moon was the foreshadowing of the new lord within the [Abyss]. Once the present lord has been absent, the crimson moon will reveal itself in the distant night to inform the humanity and nightmares about the reign of the new lord. 


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