The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


5. Volume One: Nightmare's Friend Part Four

The Ordinary Fantasy

Nightmare's Friend 

Seven months have passed since the fateful night and Grimoire was gone from the world. However, his legacy still remains active to the current day. The thousands years worth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom was passed to the possession of this child. These knowledge had the priceless value. 


The telekinesis requires the user to imagine and calculate the dimensions of the imaginary hand. However, calculating the the exact shape of human hand in one's hand is impossible to be done on one's hand. Therefore, the imaginary hands have flat rectangle as a palm and three pieces of blocks for each finger that works simultaneously in order to represent the movements of an ordinary fingers.

However, with the wisdom of Grimoire, he was able to form a two dimensional surface of a hand that had eighty percent life energy efficiency while having twice the durability of the traditional methods. If he were to have sufficient life energy, then he would be able to cover his entire body with the telekinesis. 

Macris settled down on the couch of his dormitory's living room. As he overlooked his past months, he firmly closed his and wondered around his own imaginary world. When he had woken up from the sleep that night, he found himself alone in the destroyed forest. The Empire Army had come to speculate upon the catastrophe, but they were empty handed because Grimoire's corpse had disappeared. The Army questioned the him for his connection with the event, but he was let out easily. Ever since that day, he felt with his natural instinct that guided him through better paths. Its as if someone was behind of him to provided advice for him. 

He had spent his last seven months on studying the fundamental structure of the society and its general concepts, but it seems that he had gained more than enough knowledge on these areas. The standards of the lessons can not be comparable with that of the knowledge that Grimoire gradually built up within thousands of years. Macris knew better than anyone that it was time for him to leave the nest within the human territories and to explore the wilderness of the [Abyss]. His principal, who he had persuaded for admission, noticed about the situation and he eventually provided him with the early permit to join the adventurer's guild.

Humans who have gone through years of education earns the right to join organizations that works for certain causes. However, adventurer's guild is the place where the unfitting ones are to complete the dangerous missions purely for the sake of the rewards. What makes the adventurer's guild dangerous is the fact that majority of them will not support those who have been heavily injured, meaning that even if you have contributed with your life on stake to the guild, it won't be able to support your career after you have been disabled for upcoming battles. 

Pure strength and characteristics as adventurers have major differences. The problem solving, knowledge of the animal and plant species, and numerous counters against possible dangers are the factors that truly shine within the adventurer's guild. However, not everyone in this world is not successful as those who are on the top. One may have to bare themselves to see the grieving of those who have lost their last foothold within the society. 

"Are you certain?" The principal wanted to confirm Macris's decision.

"Yes, I am certain. 

Thus, my career as an adventurer began at the age of twelve. 

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