The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


6. Volume One: Nightmare's Friend Epilogue

The Ordinary Fantasy

Nightmare's Friend Epilogue

On the next morning of my announcement, I woke up in my twin-sized bed as ordinary as the previous day. I covered my mouth with my right hand as I yawned from the fatigue of yesterday's commotion. Everyone in the classroom rushed in with waves of questions that were thrown to him by mass. Though I wanted to close my eyes and settle myself within the dreamy world, I realized that there wasn't any room for wasting my time in sleeping. I cleared out the cloth in the closet as well as my other personal belongings. I packed the necessaries onto my leather suitcase and stacked others in the box to be moved by the horse carriage. I changed onto my casual cloth and wore my shoes on the entrance of my dormitory. 

"Good bye"

As I bid farewell to my first home, I gave my keys to the dorm manager and bid farewell to him as well. When I was finished with sending the boxes to the post station, I called out for a carriage to travel me to the Keis, the city located along the borders of the [Abyss]. Before the carriage began to move itself to its destination, I witnessed the sight of my classmates waving at me before my depart.

For the first time in a while, I smiled naturally.

The horse carriage left with the waves of hands swinging left and right cheerfully. 

[The End of Volume One]



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