The Ordinary Fantasy

A simple fantasy world with nothing more than an ordinary life.


1. Normal World

The Ordinary Fantasy

Normal World

Thousands of years ago, the human continent was contaminated by the unknown darkness that crawled its way into the every segments of the world. Since its contaminated area couldn't be lit by the light of the day, it has been referred to as [Abyss] and no human could not settle themselves in such harsh environment. It not only had the least fertile land, its climates, geological stability, and even gravity was against the comforts of human life. Not to mention the fierce monsters that even adult men were afraid to confront directly. Humans were eventually down to their last pieces of uncontaminated land that were only a bare fractions of the original world.

It was until the birth of the magic that humans had the method of competing against the fierce nightmares, creatures who dwells in the world of darkness. Humans did not know where the magic originated nor how it had spread in such large scale. However, the magic wasn't sufficient to regain humanity's territories. 

First of all, the fuel of all magics originates from the user's leftover energy. One of the reasons why magicians seems to have slow hair and nail growth rate was due to storing even the tiniest bit of their energy within usable range. If one were to bypass their current limit, then their next fuel will be their lifespan itself.

The next reason is the fact that magicians, who are not likely to be physically strong, would not be able to enter the [Abyss] where each layers, the level of contamination concentration, nearly double the gravity. If even the average knight aren't able to stay within the first layer of [Abyss], then how would the magicians be able to survive within these environment?

One of the greatest reason behind the difficulties of using magic was the difficulty of performing each one of them. In this world, magic isn't something that can occur from a simple incarnations. It requires one to understand the reasoning behind the occurrence and use the basic magic circle to visualize the algorithms similar to that of a circuit. The magic circuits are written in as a series of symbols. 

Casting a simple fireball has to write this entire description in symbols:

[Oxidation of materials in exothermic combustion within the range of ten meters.]

Welcome to The Ordinary Fantasy, my audiences. 


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