Victorian Times

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  • Published: 27 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Lady Rebecca marries Lord Arongino but soon after their marriage he tells her that before they got married he got a saloon girl pregnant. He now must divorce Rebecca and marry the pregnant Marissa. Rebecca is so distraught she doesn't tell Joseph Arongino that she too is pregnant.
When the divorce is final, she married her old childhood friend Marcus...


4. Wedding Bells

Wednesday quickly came and Rebecca had a private moment to herself in the back of the church. She and Joseph had been married in this church. Back when she wasn’t pregnant and had no clue what her life was going to amount up too. Her beautiful red locks were pinned into place and her long veil was adjusted over her new hat. Her beautiful white wedding dress didn’t fit the social statuses but she wanted to be married in white. The white fabric split in the front to reveal a nice green undertone. A big white bustle of fabric was gathered in the back. Her corset was loose and white fabric covered her stomach. She stood in front of the mirror and smiled.

“I’m marrying Marcus. I’m getting married. Just when I thought my life was over…it’s only just beginning.”

            A knock sounded at the door and Rebecca rushed to answer it. It was her mother and her father.

“Are you ready darling?”

“Two times the charm right?”

“Come on let’s get the two of you down the aisle and get you married.”

“Two of us? Oh, right the baby. I can’t wait to have it.”

“This wedding is very untraditional.”

“Yeah but the circumstances are quite odd.”

“Come on darling let’s go.”

            Rebecca took her father’s arm and held the bouquet. She smiled as she walked towards Marc. He was looking devishly handsome in his new outfit. A nice new white silk shirt with new trousers. Smart and shiny black shoes…a nice top hat. A new pocket watch tucked into his vest and a nice tailcoat on top of that. With a bright red bowtie. She took his arm and they turned to the priest.

“We are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony. If anyone has reason why these two should not be joined together speak now or forever hold your peace.”

            The couple anxiously waited and Rebecca vowed to seriously injure anyone who dared interrupt the wedding. No one did and the priest proceeded.

“Do you Rebecca take Marcus?”

“I do”

“Do you Marcus take Rebecca?”

“I do”

“Then by the power invested in me I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

            Marcus leaned close and gave Rebecca a passionate kiss. After a few moments, the kiss broke and the lovely couple made their way back up the aisle. Soon they would leave in a carriage to their new mansion in town.

“I’m sorry it’s not a big mansion but a lovely nursery can be set up in a matter of days by my two maids. Some cleaning and cooking. We’re not that fancy. I don’t have as much money as Joseph but just enough to be given the title of Lord and the queen’s godson.”

“Queen Victoria is your godmother.”

“Yes, she did ask me if I wanted a palace suite but I politely refuse. She does give me a small allowance each month and offered to give us allowance to fix up the nursery. You’ll find I’ve purchased everything.”

“The day we got engaged. After your spell, I went into town and got many things. You just need to set it up. The maids have been working day and night on clothing for the little one.”


            When they got to quaint cottage Rebecca got out and smiled. She would no longer need excess clothing or fanciness. She had all she needed. The mansion was a medium sized mansion with a cellar and an attic. It had a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, maids’ quarters, sitting room, parlor, Marcus’s study, a nursery combined with a playroom, library and the master bedroom. Rebecca stepped in and was greeted by Daphne and Nicole.

“Lady Kayne…pleased to have you arrived. Your clothing is laid out and we are here to assist when needed. The kitchen is spotless.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know how to cook.”

“We can teach you. When you’re not busy with the baby.”

“Thank you. Now where is my room?”

“Bex…I think I might higher two more servants to help out.”

“Good idea Marc. Excellent idea.”

            Rebecca changed into a simple green dress and let her hair loose. She went into the sitting area and found a vast selection of books. Then she decided she better leave her hair up and put on some more clothing. She picked out a book but then decided to explore her new home. She heard horses and carriages outside and continued aimlessly wondering around. She found the nursery with almost everything intact. It didn’t really need to be set up.

            The walls were white with decorative woodwork and trim. A fireplace was empty and on the mantle were tiny figurines of babies and mothers and fathers all set up. It was beautiful. A big white curtain with a blue bow surrounded a white lace cradle on a raised dais and a lovely white rocking chair. Marcus came in as Rebecca explored with a hand over her swollen belly.

“I guess Aunt Victoria sent it all over.”

“Is this what the palace nursery looks like?”


“How do you know?”

“I grew up with Victoria as princess but when her eldest was born I visited her and Albert many times in the nursery.”

“What happened to plain and simple?”

“My wife deserves to be queen of her own kingdom. You deserve it Bex.”

“I love you Marcus.”

“I love you too Rebecca.”

“I think I might cook.”

            Rebecca changed into a cooking outfit and walked into the kitchen. She pulled out a cookbook and got Daphne and Nicole to grab her things. She selected a nice beef pastry to cook. She followed the directions carefully and then left Nicole in charge while she made an apple cake. When she was all done she was covered in flower and her dress was dirty. She changed for dinner and found Marcus already tucking in.

“Rebecca this is delicious. Are you sure you’ve never cooked before?”

“Never. Joseph wouldn’t let me. My mother sure can’t cook.”

“You can.”

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