Victorian Times

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  • Published: 27 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Lady Rebecca marries Lord Arongino but soon after their marriage he tells her that before they got married he got a saloon girl pregnant. He now must divorce Rebecca and marry the pregnant Marissa. Rebecca is so distraught she doesn't tell Joseph Arongino that she too is pregnant.
When the divorce is final, she married her old childhood friend Marcus...


8. The Truth

The party moves on to the dining room and they tuck into their meal. Marissa takes Alaina to the sitting room to nap. Marcus was nervous that she would discover the secret. He started eating frantically. Rebecca had everything under control. Just as soon as Marissa came back with news Samantha started crying.

“Excuse me, my daughter’s calling.”

            Samantha is screaming so Rebecca hands Samantha her silver pacifier. The baby puts it in immediately. Rebecca picks up her baby and smiles at little Alaina Joy sleeping.

“Look Sammy…it’s your big sister. We’re going to go see your real daddy and stepmommy.”

            Samantha just leans against Rebecca and is carried to the dining room. She pauses at the door and waits for everyone to stop talking and turn. Joseph just smiles and Marissa obviously didn’t realize anything and that was a good thing.

“Where was she?”

“In the sitting room.”

“Oh, I didn’t see her. Must’ve been hiding. May I hold her?”

“Well, you would’ve heard eventually. Marcus are you ready?”

“Yes, Bex I am.”

            Rebecca puts Sammy in Marissa’s arms and Joseph looks over. His face as soon as he sees her is shocked. He looks at Rebecca and then at Marcus and then at Marissa and then back at Samantha.

“What is this? She has your eyes but my nose and hair.”

“Joseph did you cheat on me?”

“He was married to me when I got pregnant with her.”

“Marissa will you leave Rebecca and me to talk please?”

“Marcus will you leave please? Go to your study if you want.”

            Finally, Rebecca and Joseph are left with Samantha in the dining room over unfinished lunch.

“When were you planning to tell me, I got you pregnant?”

“Before you admitted to cheating. Then I decided that no matter what you weren’t going to stay with me.”

“I might have had I known you were pregnant with my daughter. I demand full custody.”


“Under the issue that you didn’t tell me.”

“It doesn’t matter legally she’s not yours.”

“What’s her full name?”

“Samantha Jane Kayne.”

“Why does she have his last name and not mine? I’m her father. She should be Samantha Jane Arongino.”

“Because according to England and according to the queen she’s Marcus’. He was present at her birth and he signed the adoption papers at her birth. Because when you divorced me you lost the right to your daughter. She wasn’t born yet and that’s called abandonment.”

“I didn’t know about her.”

“So, the queen knows everything about what happened and the queen signed the adoption papers as a witness. Marcus Kayne is listed as Samantha’s father on her birth certificate.”

“Prove it!”

            Rebecca retreated to the parlor and put Samantha in her crib. She pulled Samantha’s file from the bookshelf and handed it to Joseph.

“You’re the lawyer…disprove my claim or get out.”

            Joseph flipped through the file and scanned every paper. He scanned every document and was left defeated. The only evidence he had that Samantha was his was her features and her mother’s claim. And the fact they were married when Samantha was conceived. But that didn’t prove anything. For all he knew Rebecca could’ve cheated on him which was highly unlikely but he didn’t have a case and he knew it.

“Goodbye Lady Kayne.”

            He took Marissa and Alaina and left. Marcus came out of his study and ran to Sammy’s crib. He picked her up and kissed her head and then stared at Rebecca.

“What happened?”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s going to France and no longer has two daughters but one.”

“Thank you Bex.”

“No thank you for marrying me.”

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