Victorian Times

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  • Published: 27 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Lady Rebecca marries Lord Arongino but soon after their marriage he tells her that before they got married he got a saloon girl pregnant. He now must divorce Rebecca and marry the pregnant Marissa. Rebecca is so distraught she doesn't tell Joseph Arongino that she too is pregnant.
When the divorce is final, she married her old childhood friend Marcus...


5. Samantha Jane

Finally, the time arrived for Rebecca to deliver. She delivered her child in the comfort of her own home. Her mother and husband attended to her. At half past midnight on November 23 1827 she delivered a beautiful baby girl. The precious thing was a bundle of joy and Marcus not even being the baby’s father was equally delighted as the new mother and grandparents.

“Rebecca she has Joseph’s nose.”

“That’s the only thing of his she has. Marcus did you sign the papers?”

“Yes, I did. She’s legally a Kayne”

“Look at her…do you want to hold her?”

“I would love to hold my new daughter.”

            Rebecca smiled as her husband took her baby and held the newborn with such care. In his eyes, it was obvious that he was a natural at being a father.

“Marcus now we can work on making one that’s really yours.”

“I’m good for now. She’s beautiful. What are you going to name her?”

“Samantha Jane.”

“Samantha Jane Kayne. You little one have your mother’s eyes. Your hair though is quite brown.”

“She’s perfect isn’t she Marc?”

“Yes, quite perfect. But, they’ll all know.”

“She’s your daughter now. Hand her here…she’s hungry.”

“How do you know?”

“I’m her mother. I know these things.”

“She’s only a few minutes old.”

“Marcus, listen to your wife. She’s Sam’s mother…she would know.”

            Rebecca held Samantha and began breastfeeding the child. The newborn baby with rosy pink skin began eating almost immediately. She latched on and drank.

“Little one was hungry wasn’t she?”

‘She was”

            Two months passed and one day Queen Victoria came to visit. Rebecca was shocked she had never met Queen Victoria before. She held Samantha in her arms and curtseyed.

“Your majesty it’s an honor.”

“I had to come see my godson’s daughter. May I hold her?”

“Yes of course.”

            The queen held Samantha and Rebecca sighed. Her daughter was in the arms of the great queen. She couldn’t wait to tell Samantha that when she was a newborn the queen had held her.

“She doesn’t look anything like Marcus.”

‘Marcus adopted her. I had a failed marriage.”

“Oh right, your Rebecca Mader formerly Arongino. My condolences my lady.”

“Thank you your majesty.”

“Your daughter is quite extraordinary. She comes from a loving home. I remember when Marcus was a child he used to come sit on my lap and tell me all about you. I always had time for my godson.”

            The queen gave Samantha back to Rebecca and that afternoon they had tea in the sitting room together. At the end of teatime, the queen bid Rebecca and her godson goodbye. Right before the queen left, she gave Rebecca a hug. Rebecca was shocked and blessed to receive a visit from the queen of England.

“Goodbye your majesty.”

“Good day Lady Kayne. Take good care of Samantha Jane. I never liked being pregnant but I do love my children. Love yours…I hope you and Marcus have many more to come.”

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