Victorian Times

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  • Published: 27 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Lady Rebecca marries Lord Arongino but soon after their marriage he tells her that before they got married he got a saloon girl pregnant. He now must divorce Rebecca and marry the pregnant Marissa. Rebecca is so distraught she doesn't tell Joseph Arongino that she too is pregnant.
When the divorce is final, she married her old childhood friend Marcus...


2. Marcus' Return

Two short months later…Lady Rebecca sits at her mother and father’s breakfast table. Her father is reading the newspaper and her mother is pouring tea. Rebecca’s corset is laced up tight and soon she will need a new one. Her mother is trying to make conversation but Rebecca isn’t interested.

“Rebecca…I don’t know why you didn’t tell Joseph you were expecting.”

“Mother, he already got her pregnant. I didn’t want to inconvenience him. My reputation is ruined anyway.”

“Lord Kayne is going to call today. You should get ready. I’m sure he’s read the papers about your recent…”

“All right now Miranda, leave Rebecca alone.”

“Yes George.”

“Thank you Father.”

            Rebecca gets up and retreats to her chambers. There her maid Megan pulls out Rebecca’s blue dress. It was covered with lace and mini diamonds. It also had four shades of blue and layers and layers of material. Megan tried to tie Rebecca’s corset but it wouldn’t tie.

“It won’t tie Miss Mader.”

“Do your best. I’m supposed to pick up my new ones anyway.”

“Have you been to the doctor?”

“Yes, he says the baby is doing wonderfully.”

“I’m glad. How far along are you?”

“Four months.”

“Lord Joseph and his new wife and baby daughter are going to New York.”

‘What did they name her?”

“Alaina Joy.”

“Good thing they’re leaving. Then he’ll never know.”

            Megan finishes tying Rebecca’s corset and curtseys. Rebecca places a hand over her abdomen and smiles.  Her child would be born into a broken home but at least her baby wasn’t a bastard. She walks downstairs and sees the paper her father has abandoned. She reads the articles. ‘Lord and Lady Arongino get an annulment.’ ‘Lord Arongino is an adulterer.’ ‘Lord Arongino marries a pregnant saloon girl’ ‘New Lady Arongino gives birth to a baby girl’ ‘Lord Kayne is coming home to wed old flame’.

            Rebecca’s heart sank. Marcus was getting married. That’s why he was coming home. She retreats to the parlor and finds her father having a cigar and a tonic. Her mother is sipping tea.

“Rebecca what’s wrong?”

“Marcus is getting married.”

“Oh, well he’ll explain when he gets here. Your dress at Dreama’s is almost done.”

“Mother what aren’t you telling me?”

            Just in that instant the bell rang. Lady Mader stood up to answer and Rebecca peeked around the door. Her mother opened the door and exposed Lord Kayne. Rebecca hadn’t seen him in almost four years. He hadn’t changed at all. Still same pepper colored beard…the same blue eyes and the same gentle yet rough features. It was the man she had fallen in love with. But he wasn’t hers and never would be.

            In a few moments, he’s sitting across from her in the parlor. He looks at her and then up at her father.

“May I have a few moments alone with Rebecca?”

‘Yes, you may”

“Is that really a good idea? He’s getting married.”

“Rebecca it’s alright.”

            Her parents leave her and Marcus in silence. Then he begins to speak

“I heard about you and your ex-husband. I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner.”

“It’s okay. I took something from him that he’s never going to get back.”

‘What’s that?”

“His child.”

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yes…is that a problem? It shouldn’t be because you’re getting married next Wednesday.”

“Yes June 15…my bride is a lovely girl. I’ve been talking to her father and her mother through letters for two months now. Been planning the wedding for two months.”

“Well…I shouldn’t keep you. Don’t let me and my baby stand in your way.”

“You and my bride have a lot in common. I gave her a nickname when we were young just like I did you, her eyes are icy blue, she’s pregnant and her ex-husband just left her for New York.”

“Marcus…what and who are you talking about?”

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