Victorian Times

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  • Published: 27 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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Lady Rebecca marries Lord Arongino but soon after their marriage he tells her that before they got married he got a saloon girl pregnant. He now must divorce Rebecca and marry the pregnant Marissa. Rebecca is so distraught she doesn't tell Joseph Arongino that she too is pregnant.
When the divorce is final, she married her old childhood friend Marcus...


7. Lord Arongino Returns

Rebecca changed into a cooking dress and went into the kitchen. She cooked meatloaf, collard greens, potatoes and a nice chocolate cake. When supper was ready she put Sammy in her day pen and then sat down to eat with Marcus. The two discussed names for the new baby and what they would do if Joseph ever showed up.

“I’ll tell him he has no rights then I’ll show him the birth certificate and adoption papers. Joseph was a lawyer he knows the law when he sees it.”

“That makes me even more worried. I think we should move into the country. My family has a huge mansion out there.”

“No, my parents. You’re godmother.”

“Should we have Victoria over the day Joseph calls?”

“No Marcus that’s rude. We’ll invite the queen over soon but not now. Don’t you worry. Now eat your dinner.”

            Later that night Marcus was up all night in his study; writing, doing papers, making bill payments, counting him money and financing a new baby into the budget. He tried not to think about Joseph. He would take his baby and leave his wife miserable. Finally, Rebecca came in wearing a white nightgown and carrying a candle.

“Marcus comes to bed. You need your rest. You have a busy day tomorrow.”

“What if Joseph calls?”

“He’ll warn me before coming over. It’ll take a few weeks for him to learn everything for him to read the papers and stumble across his actions and my actions. Marcus…you’re portraying yourself as weak. I’m supposed to be the one doing all the worrying. You want to go stay at the palace?”

“No, I don’t. Maybe we should move to America. To the southern states?”

“No…down south. My friend Lana moved there haven’t heard from her since.”

“I’m sorry Bex.”

“Don’t worry. “

            One day Rebecca was sitting in the sitting room feeding Samantha her noon bottle. Marcus was working in his study and the four maids were busy cleaning house, doing the laundry, and cleaning up from lunch. One maid was going to the market and the house was silent all except Samantha’s feeding noises. The doorbell rang and no one was around to answer it. So, Rebecca put Samantha in her crib and gave her the pacifier. She went into Marcus’ study and cleared her throat.

“We have company. Will you get the door?”

“I need to hire a butler don’t I?”

“You think. I think we can manage that into the budget.”

“Not with Samantha at seven months and you at three. We can’t until after the baby is born.”

“Then get the door.”

            Rebecca smoothed out her new cream-colored dress and started reading a book. She heard voices and listened as her husband greeted the guests.


“Hello…I’m looking for Miss Mader. I’ve recently returned to visit her.”

“I’m Lady Kayne’s husband.”

“This is my wife Marissa Arongino, I’m Lord Arongino and this is our daughter Alaina Joy. I wasn’t aware of Lady Kayne’s marriage.”

“Been married a little over a year. Since June 1827.”

“We weren’t informed.”

“Would you like to come in and join us for lunch?”

“We wouldn’t want to impose.”

            Rebecca took that as her cue to enter. She came in and didn’t even acknowledge the guests. Then she took acknowledge.

“Oh, Lord Arongino what a pleasant surprise? Will they be staying for lunch Marcus?”

“Yes…tell Miranda.”


            A few moments later Rebecca came back into the hall and smiled.

“Silly me. Would you like to come into the parlor Lord and Lady Arongino?”


            The four adults went into the parlor and sat down in chairs. It was a bit awkward.  Marcus took Rebecca aside and they had a quick word.

“Obviously they don’t know about Samantha.”

“He’ll figure it out eventually. Don’t worry. It is July isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s July. Samantha’s seven months old. He will won’t he?”

“Marcus…don’t worry. It’s fine.”

            They enter and Rebecca apologizes. She walks up to Marissa and extends her hand.

“Hello I’m Rebecca Kayne we haven’t been properly introduced.”

“I’m Marissa Arongino and this is Alaina Joy. Are you expecting?”

“Yes, in December. This is our second.”

“How old is your first?”

“Seven months.”

“Alaina is a little over a year. “

“She’s beautiful and looks just like her father.”

“Thank you…she does. I’m sorry Rebecca…if I had known.”

“No Marissa leave the past in the past. No hard feelings. I’m kind of glad it all happened then I wouldn’t have Marcus.”


            The four sits in awkward silence. Marcus doesn’t say a word but does offer Joseph a drink.

“So, Rebecca how have you been?”

“Good Joseph and you?”

“Never better. I couldn’t find any news about a wedding or a birth announcement. Nobody wants to tell me anything.”

“I have no clue why. I do have the birth announcement and wedding announcement and other announcements in a book somewhere but I’ll have to dig.”

“Don’t bother just tell me what’s life been like?”

“I’m happy and I hope you are too. When are you planning on returning to New York?”

“Never. We’re moving to Paris.”

“Paris…that’s where we’re planning on moving.”

“We are?”

“Yes Marcus…after the baby.”

“Oh yes we are.”

            Finally, Miranda comes in and curtseys.

“Lunch is ready my lady.”

“Thank you Miranda. Should we carry this on to lunch?”

“Yes, please. I’m starving and I’m sure Alaina could use a bite to eat.”

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