Short Stories and Poems

A collection of my short stories and poems from various genres C: Enjoy! And thank you for reading x


1. The Kiss of Night

She walked through the darkness, inhaling the obscurity as it wrapped around her frail figure. Her shoulders shook with a gentle vibration from the cool air. As the stars shone above her, they provided an escape. A window to breathtaking beauty and wonder.

The gravel of the driveway dug into her back as she laid down, gazing into the wide solar system. There is something so calming about the universe. The way that it never stops expanding and giving space. The way that it looks down at us and provides us with strength.

It was near pitch black by the time she stood up again. Just the silhouettes of trees and the house in the distance could be seen. 

She takes one last deep breath before heading back home. Feeling content and ready to face the world once again in the morning when the sun rises and snuffs out the darkness. She will make it through the blinding light so that at the end of the day, she can once again return to the cloak of night.

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