Short Stories and Poems

A collection of my short stories and poems from various genres C: Enjoy! And thank you for reading x


2. Burnt Flower

The air was clean of sorrow,

Free of the mournful cries of tomorrow.

The sun had shone so fanciful,

As blissful youth had been plentiful.

Choices could be made,

And roads were individually pathed.

The despot did not participate,

In a commoners every contemplate.

Smiles had actually been real,

When the world was still a great deal.

Hands were fastened together as one,

A show of connection the weight of a tonne.

People were held close to another’s heart,

A trust run so deep it could never be torn apart.

Stories have been passed through the generations,

Expressing the beauty of a long passed nation.

There is the question if it were ever true,

Or if it were a way to cope with the brutal new.


The event is told as a tale of victory,

A story so ghastly and drowned with future misery. 

On a field so dark and grey,

The men had lined up in array.

Soon the sky became opaque,

A smoky field that would soon desiccate.

It was thick with cast blood,

A warm metallic red flood.

The ground was painted with fatality,

A grand show of their mortality.

Shrieks of battle from both sides were crossed,

As mothers and widows mourned the lost.

The War was a continuous dread,

As the days swept overhead.

Numbers had diminished,

As they approached the finish.


The War was rendered of no use,

As the goal had become a source for abuse.

Now there is a separation,

In a world far gone from liberation.

A society broken down by War,

Now filled with poor judgment and death at its core.

The smiles that curved up so high,

Fell downwards and never met the eye.

Joyous laughs fell to dust,

And transformed to cantankerous crust.

Sidewards glances from those you trust,

As faith became something covered in rust.

Love and devotion became a thing of the past,

As the colour in people’s faces turned dull and masked.

No longer is youth explored,

In a world thick with the flawed.

Running over the top each other,

A blur of cold dark suffer.

The despot now control everything,

Including the rare wish to give a wedding ring.

If it deems the despot with a lesser power,

Then they take their love and cause it to deflower.

Everything became cold as emotions were tossed,

Creating a blanket of icy frost.

It was a world slowly destroyed,

Taken advantage of by those who didn’t aim to fill the void.

They worsened the broken heart of society,

Until it was scorched and pilfered of variety.

They took the treasures heart of delight,

And created a deathly demise towards the end of light.


From experience they are hardened,

For their freedom they did bargain.

For their lives they have lost,

For their life is their cost.


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