Short Stories and Poems

A collection of my short stories and poems from various genres C: Enjoy! And thank you for reading x


4. Blizzard

The air is cold against her reddened skin. So different from her hometown. So far from the tragedy. As she takes each shaky breath and watches the mist emerge, she is taken back to when she would lie close to him just to hear him breathe. Her eyes seal shut, trying desperately to capture the image forever. To keep him with her forever. But the images fade away; just as he did.

Her feet step high to trudge through the snow, just as many other people have before her. Yet, that doesn’t matter. Never in her life has she felt more alone, more out of place than in this moment. Not when she said goodbye to her family. Not when she took clothes from her cupboard and saw how bare it was. Not when she drove away from the only home she had ever known, sitting silently in the car, isolated from humanity. Why would she want a taste of it any further? All its end purpose is, is to riddle our mortality with malevolence. To take our very souls and dip them in acid.

She stops to observe a small patch of dirt. Even this beautiful land is tainted with stains. But it goes on. She shakes her head and keeps walking. But she couldn’t go on as strong and fierce as the snow. She could merely walk, breathe, and live in the past; for the present is too much to bear.

Her mind fills with images that both please her and tears her apart. He would have loved it here. To feel the crunch of the white underneath his shoes, to build a snowman together, to laugh and spend every single moment they had in joy. Because that joy doesn’t last forever. Not even close.

The thoughts are too much to bear, digging up too many suppressed emotions. She drops to her knees, ignoring the chills sent through her body, and weeps. Soon it takes control and her whole body is trembling as heavy sobs escape her lips. He can’t play in the snow. He can’t build more memories with her because he is gone. And there is no second chance in this godforsaken land once you slip into obscurity forever.

Her gloved hand reaches out and strokes the snow, being brought back to when she could run her fingers through his soft hair. When he was in reach, and out of the hands of the deathly sickness. They had tried everything they possibly could have to save him. Put everything they had into it, barely taking into consideration the effect of losing all their money. Even after the months of treatment, he was taken away.

The house was a constant reminder of what she had lost. So she left. Her family begged her to be rational. To please not go. But she couldn’t stay. A fear took over that she would miss him too much by walking past his room every day, by seeing his bed, his clothes still neatly folded beside the cupboard. She feared she would want to join him.

She inhales a deep, shaky breath. Holds it in, and then slowly lets it out. What is left to do in this world without him in it? He was her purpose in life. Her dearest companion. Then he was taken away. And she was left behind to stay here, knowing she could never call his name again and see him run down the hall into her arms. To feel his tiny body squeeze her close and bury his head into her shoulder. To crawl through the house after him with her husband. No. It was all just…gone.

With unstable legs, she stands, arms wrapped tight around her quivering body. And walks away, leaving a new set of footprints behind in the snow.


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