Not permitted

Georgia wishes she has a guy who really loved her like she loves him


6. Lighthouse

Georgia's POV:

I have no idea where he is taking me but it's a long drive I hope it's worth it but we're driving along the beach road and the is a lighthouse and we drive up to it I have never in my life been in a lighthouse and he parks the car and says to me

"Come on, I have to show you something, Georgie,"

"I'm coming,"

He takes my hand and walks me up to the lighthouse when we get around to a side door he puts out some keys and unlocks the door 

"Did you steal those keys?"

"No, I didn't my dad owns the lighthouse,"

"Oh sorry,"

"Come on, I want to show you something,"


"You'll see,"

He walks off and I wait five seconds and then follow him


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