Sirena is sleeping over her friends house when she sees something strange outside and it looks like a person in a car trying to........runaway!!


2. The Next Day

Me and my mom decided to go to dinner at Chris's house and see his "crazy" mother. So we went over there and went in and sat down. We waited until she was done cooking. Then she came and brought us our plates.

She sat down and looked at us. Then said

"Hi, why are we having dinner together?"

"Because I heard that your son is not here!" My mom said.

"And I knew him very well so I wanted to know if u had any idea where he might have gone!" I said even though I'm hiding him.

"I have no fucking idea where he went. If I knew I would've brought him home. But he doesn't like to be home, so that's probably why he ran away." She said.

"I looked in the places where I thought he might be but he wasn't there so he must've really went far cause I can't find him either!" I started to tear up but I couldn't laugh so I had to pretend to be sad.

"Well it's none of your god damn business where he went cause he's my son and not your boyfriend." His mom stood up and said to me.

"I don't care what u think your son Chris, but u don't talk to her like that! I don't give a shit who u r! And your son is my daughters boyfriend and he knows that. He must be trying to contact her but you wouldn't fucking care cause your fucking miserable. I don't care what u want to do what u think is your place to say shit about my daughter. But you will never ever and I mean never will talk about my daughter that way!" My mom yelled.

"Shut the fuck up bitch your daughter had sex with my son and she's a slut!" Chris's mom yelled. She than pulled one of her guns out.

My mom got up and went to get more food and his mom said no and took it from my mom. So my mom took her plates with food and ran out the door I ran upstairs to Chris's room and he was sitting there and said "I knew you'd be in my room soon!" And winked at me.

I locked the door and texted my mom saying I'm fine just go Caitlin's gonna bring me home in an hour.

Then I went by Chris and I went on top of him but he flipped me over and he started to kiss me. Let me tell you his lips are fucking amazing with mine attached. I love Chris even though I just met him like a day ago!

Me and Chris made out and lost our clothes. He took my shirt off and I took his off since it was getting heated in here. But then we heard someone coming so we ran and hid in his closet and we were both naked so he took our clothes and pushed them in the closet. Then we heard someone open the door and I didn't lock it. We stood in the closet for 40 minutes while his mom came in and sniffed everything, she was obsessed with her son.So we decided to cover ourselves in black clothes so he threw his clothes on me and he put some on him. His mom came by the closet and looked above it and just took his picture down and threw it on the floor and left and than padlocked the door outside and went back downstairs. So me and Chris opened the closet and he fucked me in the closet. I was enjoying it but I couldn't moan or anything but I still liked.

We then finished and put our clothes back on and got some bags and packed his stuff up. He took all of his clothes. His money he had saved. His bed sheets and comforter. His pictures and electronics and just everything he could. Then we threw all of the bags in front of Caitlin's house and her and her brother were outside putting them in her moms car and hers. So I was happy. Then he said goodbye to his room until the cop sirens were going off and we jumped out the window. I forgot my mom called the police.

We went by Caitlin and Chris went in the house and then I stood outside crying and my mom was there too.

"Hello ma'am can I ask you a few questions if you don't mind." The police officers asked as the others went in the house and arrested Chris's mom.

Then we went home and I cuddled with Chris in the car on the way home. I didn't want to let go of him and he wanted to go back to his house to get some of his stuff that he didn't get to get cause he didn't want to break it!

"We can go tomorrow!" I said and kissed him.

"Okay baby I love u!" Chris said and he kissed me and hugged me as tight as he could.

We got home at around 12 in the morning. Me and Chris went into the playroom and laid down and I cried because I was so scared of his mom I mean she did try to kill me my mom and she was hunting down Chris! I was just scared and I cried while Chris held me. I love him and I don't want to lose him.

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