Sirena is sleeping over her friends house when she sees something strange outside and it looks like a person in a car trying to........runaway!!


1. Sleeping Over

It was September 15,2017. I was sleeping over my friend Caitlin's house and I went outside to get some air and this is what happened!

So I was at Caitlin's house and I was sleeping over watching tv with her and her family. So I decided to go outside for a little bit and that's when I saw a guy in a car trying to start it. I went up to the car and knocked on the window. The kid looked at me and opened the door.

He was wearing all black and he had black hair that was down to his shoulders. He had blue eyes and he was just amazing.

So I asked:

"Do u need help running away?"

"Actually yeah! Even though I have nowhere to go!" He said.

"What's ur name?"

"Chris. You?"

"I'm Sirena. So do u wanna take a walk with me and we can talk and go hang out cause I can get my mom to say yes to letting u stay at my house."

"I'll take a walk with u but I just met you why would your mom let a stranger sleep by your house."

"Your not a stranger I've seen u around before and your name is Chris. So do u want to come with me?" I asked as I grabbed his hand.

"Yes please, I can't stay at my house. But I just met u. And you seem really nice and your pretty hot too!" Chris said.

"Yay, so I'll call my mom now and ask her and then I'll ask my friend if she can make up another bed in the basement for u." I told him.

"Thank you so much even though I don't really know u!" Chris said as he came by me and whispered in my ear saying:

"I love you and thank u"

I almost died on the inside. Then we walked back to Caitlin's house and we held hands walking. I called Caitlin and she said that he can stay here but he can't come upstairs cause I'm gonna tell my parents that me and u are having a sleepover in the basement but what we need to talk about it something really important.

"We are gonna go in the basement okay! U ready?" I asked and he shook his head yes.

"Okay here we go!" I said and he held my hand tighter.

We ran in the basement and he layers on my bed that Caitlin set up for me so I gave him a look and he moved over and pat the spot next to him. So I went and sat by his legs and just stared at him.

"What?!" He said as he smiled.

"Nothing your just amazing!" I laughed.

"Awe but your better!" He smiled and looked right in my eyes. Then he came towards my face and tucked my hair behind my ear than he put his hand on my cheek and moved in and kissed me right on the lips.

He pulled back and I decided to go back to his lips and kiss him again. He looked at me as he put his hand on my neck and I went on top of him as he put his hands on my ass. We made out for about 25 minutes. Then Caitlin came downstairs and saw u laying next to each other and she just let me sleep down there with Chris and she went upstairs to sleep in her bed. Her parents knew Chris was down there cause I told them. And they said it was fine with them.

*the next day*

It was 10 in the morning and I was up first. Then I looked next to me and Chris was still sleeping.

So I got up and went to the bathroom and fixed my hair and I went back by the beds and Chris was up just laying in bed and he opened his eyes when he felt me lay back down. He looks at me and I kissed his lips. We went back up to the living room and Caitlin was standing there making breakfast.

*15 minutes later*

We went ate breakfast and my mom came and got us! We went back to my house and set up for Chris and we got settled in! He only had a few things with him so we decided this.

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