Dear 13 Year Old Me

I wrote this last year when i read an article that said If You Could What Would You Tell Your 13 Year Old Self. I thought this was a interesting activity and i decided to write my 13 year old self a letter that i would have liked to receive.

In sharing this i'm hoping to inspire others to take part in writing their own letter and if you would like me to add your letter to this Movella send it to me via my email and together we can inspire others.

PS when you send me your letter be sure to add whether or not you want to keep it anonymous or add your name. Thank you xxx


1. Dear 13 Year Old Me - Aims

Dear thirteen year old me

It's hard for me to know where to start and what to say because I know that right now you are dealing with looking after Grandma so I guess we should start with that. I know it's hard to watch some you love deteriorate right in front of you while you sit there helplessly, trust me I get it I have been through the stuff you haven't even gotten to yet and by that I mean the heartbreak, the ongoing unsatisfied way you see your body in the mirror, once you start looking in the mirror again that is. You are also not just soon but still working through your distorted view on not just who you are but also how you think the world works.

 It's been hard and thinking back to the way I viewed the world was completely different to now, thanks to my teachers insights and comments that indicate that maybe the world isn’t out to bring me down and that makes me think that if the world isn’t turning against me maybe it is my own inner thoughts that I am allowing to process in turn holding me back. I also know the head space you are currently in and I just need to express how far you have yet to go. Even though it's hard now and you hate how you look and you want to avoid the kids that have and will torment you at school I also get that you are falling down this metaphorical black hole but one day soon you will be the one sitting here and you will have the chance to look back and fully appreciate the distance you have walked through life, the people that have come and gone and the achievements and challenges you have concurred to become the person you are at this very moment. But I need you to know that YOU ARE NOT CARZY!

You aren't at the stage yet where you understand that your feelings are valid, that you have depression and anxiety. It's not easy but you will get through it and you will come to a point where you will meet others that go through the same things. You will learn to open up more to mum and you will become wiser in all areas of life but don’t for a second mistake that for being a smartass because there is a difference. Just remember that even though you lost someone that made up a lot of the love you had to give that there are still many of people around you old and new that are still here right at this very moment that also need that love that I know you are capable of giving. The world never stopped when she died no matter how sure you are of that; the only thing that stopped moving is you. From fourteen to now you will realised that you stopped yourself from moving forward and it may not have affected the whole world but I did and still does affect your inner circle that is your friends and family so please just keep that I mind for future sake.

Lastly I want to touch on the important of being yourself. Don’t let other people influence stop you for reaching your full potential. You have so much to offer and giving up now or even twenty years down the track will only alter the positive affects you are going to bring. I don’t mean that you are going to change the whole world (not saying that you won’t because will you anything is possibly) but I know you have and will continue to make the mark you were destined to make. Just give yourself the chance. 

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