1. intro

      my home my friends, it's ok i guess. its use to have king and queen. they had children, Nyota the youngest not knowing how love felt but soon found love, raka the step brother also the oldest, surya the middle child and soon found forbidden love very young. i was the youngest prince, Nyota. My brother Raka he wasn't part of the family until his dad and my mom meet but i wasn't born yet .before then  Surya met Raka and then fell in love. Surya and Raka were madly in love. Surya would Raka every day. one day

     "hey my mom is getting marry to a guy name Apollo" surya said worry 

    " THATS my DADs NAME  is your mom's name  Leila" Raka  said surprise

     " thats means we cant be together"

     " we are going to stay together nothing going to stop us"

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