Werewolf Lodge Series 2 Book One

Roa is still alive. When she still arrives back at Werewolf Lodge, she changes back there unaware that her life is still in grave danger.

Series 2 of the fantasy series continues to the story.


1. Roa's Return



The ​elf girl stared at the Orc Guards. Roa knew that Werewolf Lodge had extra security due to the recent attacks on the travellers; she gazed at them.

"May I come inside?", she asked them. The Orcs, who were tall, brutish, creatures, glanced at her.

"Password", the first Orc answered her.

"Woods". The Orcs nodded.

"You can go in". Roa, who wore a tattered white gown, looked at the group of elves, dwarves, and humans. She saw a bar woman glance at her.

"Roa! You're back! Let's change into a new gown in the chambers". Roa nodded. She knew that there wasn't any full moon in the night sky; she was an elf now. She walked to the deep chambers which was to the far left; she saw three goblins fighting over some treasure outside their black rooms. An Orc Guard spoke.

"You're out of the Lodge". And Roa didn't smile at the creatures' plight. She reached the chambers. The bargirl opened the door with her grey keys in her right hand.

"Here we are, dear". And Roa nodded. And she headed inside, as she flicked on the lights, and headed towards her bedroom. The bargirl closed the door. When she opened the brown wardrobe, she saw a red night gown.

"Here, dear! This gown will fit you". Roa nodded. She changed into her gown; she was barefoot.

"I'm fine now. I'm hungry". And she stared at the bar girl.

"Of course. You have room 322. Here's the key for it". Roa nodded, as she passed the Orc Guards without any kind of problems.


Roa still had her red hair. Her pointy ears meant she was an elf. Because of the werewolf's bite in the deep, dark, woods, she would change during the full moon. She didn't know whether it was fate...or something else entirely. Roa knew what it was like to deal with the monsters. She was one now. In short, she walked to the bar shivering. "Where's your boots, elf?", a tall knight asked her.

"Gone", Roa answered him.

"You can borrow my old ones". Roa nodded, then she smiled.

"Oh, thank you. I'm Roa". The knight nodded.

"I'm Sir Tristian of Barrow Lane". He glanced at the dark woods outside; he saw the elf grin at her.  Roa sat down on a grey seat, and ordered some hot stew. She took out five gold coins, and paid for it. Then, as she ate, she had forgotten all about the horrible attack; she had forgotten the nightmare that caused her a lot of grief. In the end, Roa knew that she was alive. And that was all that mattered.


A group of hooded dark elves approached Werewolf Lodge. The northerly wind blew from the east; the wind was howling from Deeper Grange Mountain, which served as the entrance to the Lodge. Franklin, the Leader, stopped nearby. He gripped a sharp orc dagger that he'd had stolen during a raid at Milton Mines, where the dwarfs had hidden all of their precious gold, silver, and bronze, last year. Franklin spoke ominously:

"No one comes here at night, unless he, (or she), wants to be cursed by the werewolf. Werewolf Lodge is the most dangerous place in the World". Armin, a young elf girl, shivered.

"I don't want to die". Franklin laughed.

"You won't die, Armin; you will survive; you will know what scares you​". She shuddered with fear.

"I want to see Roa". Franklin stopped walking; he saw the Orc Guards standing at attention.

"Password", they said.

"Woods", Franklin said. And, as they headed inside the front door of Werewolf Lodge, Armin knew that she must send Roa an urgent message before it was too dark.


Sir Tristian stared at Roa.

"I haven't seen you here". Roa smiled.

"I was attacked by a werewolf a long time ago. I'm a hybrid". She ate her stew. The Knight looked at the elf. He gripped his silvery sword that was near his armour.

"I see". Roa knew what would happen next. The Big Story. It usually happened after meals; it was usually something that was personal in nature. And yet she sighed.

"I'm an elf. I was exploring the dark woods for food to eat. I heard a growling. And then the howls of the werewolf. One of them bit me, and I changed". Sir Tristian shuddered at the tale.

"I have fought many beasts in my day. Orcs; dark elves; trolls; other Knights of the Last Souls. Fighting your own knights that are evil, is ​horrible​". Roa nodded. "So, you won't hurt me?", she asked him.

"No, isn't there a cure?". Roa thought for a moment.

"No; no. Not a cure. I came to Werewolf Lodge because it's my home. There's no other place I'd rather be. Besides, there's a sense of purpose to meet people here. Assassins, dark elves, dark orcs, orcs, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night, will still hunt for food...and poison their enemies with their black crossbows. But you have to be careful; you have to survive". Sir Tristian nodded.

"I see...", he was about to say before the front door was opened, and the dark elves arrived with Armin in tow.


Armin saw Roa.

"Excuse me, I'm Armin. I have a message for you". Roa nodded.

"And that is...", she said. "Elf King Christian and Elf Queen Alana, have pardoned you over the werewolf attacks because of the rogue beast that hurt you hasn't been caught". Roa gasped in surprise.

"Thank you! Are you staying with the dark elves?", she asked her.

"Yes, Franklin is the leader". She ate her stew.

"Would you like some, too, Armin?". The elf nodded. Roa paid for her meal, and a room for the night.

"Martha, give the elf a room". Martha Campbell, the Night Manager of Werewolf Lodge, nodded.

"Room 345 is available". Suddenly Sir Tristian walked to the bar.

"How much for a room?",  he asked Martha.

"Five gold coins". "I'll have a room for the evening, and some steak for dinner". Martha, who had long, black hair, hazel eyes, and tall, wore a grey smock.

"Room 124 is available". He nodded.

"Thank you". And the gallant knight bowed, gave her thirty gold coins, and sat down on a black seat, and felt the warmth of the fireplace in the spacious black Mess Hall.


Franklin spotted Armin. 

"Ah, there you are, Armin". The dark elf stared at Roa. She started to believe that the dark elves were arrogant; she felt that they were eager to tell her where the rooms were. Franklin's pointed ears were attuned to all of the sounds of Werewolf Lodge...and then the distant sounds of loud howling caused the travellers to shiver. Roa didn't want to see a full moon. She stopped eating her meal, then headed towards the black windows. Then she turned away, and ran towards her room, as swirling grey clouds hovered above the half-moon in the cold sky, and went to sleep.


The next morning, (around 8am), the weather was cold as usual. Roa stared at the bright sun in the morning. She was glad that she didn't change into a raving mad werewolf; she was now pardoned. And she was free! Sir Tristian smiled at her, as they headed to the Mess Hall for breakfast. Martha smiled at them. The aromatic smells of eggs, bacon, and mushrooms, was cooking in the black fryer in the old kitchen. Roa was dressed in the same clothes as before; she didn't need to buy new items at the markets in the ancient village near Werewolf Lodge. She sat down near the warm fireplace on a black seat. Then she ordered her breakfast.

"May I have some eggs, bacon, and mushrooms on bread, please?", she asked her. She gave her five gold coins. Martha gave her two gold coins back; she was nervous about Franklin, the dark elf leader. It was fast asleep by the fireplace. Its other dark elves were too busy snoring loudly. Armin opened her eyes.

"Roa! Good morning!", she said excitedly. Roa smiled at her.

"Good morning, Armin". The elf girl grinned, as she knew that today was going to be a long day. Armin paid five gold coins for her breakfast. Once she did that, she sat down on a black seat. By 8:30 am, Werewolf Lodge was busy. Roa heard the sound of a carriage coming down the cobbled roads. The driver yelled:

"​Grey Moore! Halt!​", Carter Sparks shouted. He held onto the grey reigns of the black coloured horse with his black gloves; he waited for the horse to stop, as he sighed with frustration. The passenger-side seat was full of regal people from town. Lord Robert Boars, Lady Penny Boars, and their three children, Martin Boars, Kerri Boars, and Arnold Boars, were dressed in their finest purple uniforms. Carter opened the door, and smiled. Three dark orc guards stood at attention.

"Password", one of them shouted.

"Woods", Carter said. The small group nodded. Then they saw the red coloured Werewolf Lodge sign out of the front around a full moon.

"Father, will we be bitten?", Martin asked. He shivered,

"No, son. It's a lodge for everyone", Lord Robert Boars answered. But, as he said that, Martin wasn't too sure; he stared at the groups of travellers...and shivered. The whole family wore red hats on their heads. Lord Robert, Martin, and Arnold Boars were wearing brown breeches, and red boots on their feet; Lady Penny Boars, and her daughter, Kerri Boars, wore red hat on their small heads, and purple gowns. They were also wearing red boots on their feet. Lady Boars strode boldly towards the bar area. The chandelier in the middle of the room didn't swing; the travellers were talking and eating, as Lynne Grey, the Morning Manager, smiled at them.

"Welcome to Werewolf Lodge. Can I help you?", she asked them.

"Yes, we'd like rooms for the evening. And some breakfast. I'm Lord Robert Boars, and my wife, Lady Penny Boars. And our children: Martin, Kerri, and Arnold". The children bowed to her.

"You don't have to bow around here. Rooms are five gold coins each; meals are three gold coins each. Rooms 12 through to 15 are available". Lord Robert paid fifty gold coins. Lynne smiled.

"Thank you, my Lord. Eggs, bacon, and mushrooms, are cooking now".

"I'll order them". And she nodded, as she wrote down the orders, and they warmed their hands by the warm fireplace.


Roa finished eating. She watched the new travellers. Armin walked towards Sir Tristian.

"Are you awake?", she asked him.

"Barely", he answered her.

"If you're hungry, you can have some breakfast". The Knight nodded.

"I shall. Werewolf Lodge is a most, strange, place". She laughed. Suddenly she noticed Martin.

"Hello, who are you?", she said.

"Martin Boars. I'm going to be a regal King one day". Roa grinned.

"A King! I know a Elf King". Martin stared at her.

"Are you an elf, my Lady?".

"Yes, I'm an elf...and a werewolf". The boy's wide eyes caused Roa to shake her head.

"A werewolf bit me last year in the dim, dark, woods. I was pardoned by the Elf King and Elf Queen at their Royal Court". Martin's eyes lit up.

"Tell me about the elves". Roa laughed again. "The elves are a magical people. They live in the Green Woods of Moreton. Elf King Christian, and his wife, Elf Queen Alana, are peaceful people. There hasn't been any wars since The Fallen Wars Uprising of 1343 when thousands of elves left to become Dark Elves. After the wars ended, there was a shift in loyalties. From 1344 to 1655, the Green Woods was safe for all elven kind; from 1656 to 1886, elves came and went without problems; from 1887 to 1900, the Dark Elves fought the elves. Two hundred elves were injured...and died. By 1901 to 1957, the elves headed to Werewolf Lodge for safety; from 1958 to 1999, a long peace arrived thanks to King Harris and Queen Lois; from 2000 to 2015, they died from old age; from 2016 to 2017, today, King Christian was knighted along with Queen Alana, and their children. I was going to go there when the werewolf attacked me. Suddenly he saw a dwarf boy.

"Are you an elf?", he asked Roa.

"Yes, I was going to the Elven King and Elven Queen's Court when I was attacked by a rogue werewolf, who wasn't caught; I became a hybrid once I arrived at Werewolf Lodge", Roa said. Suddenly a three foot dwarf woman spoke in a high, regal, voice. "Todd! Todd! Where're you?", Rowena Thorn asked her son. "Mother! Mother! I'm here with Roa, the elf by the hot fireplace". Rowena, who was wearing a small, brown, fur gown, gazed at her. "Excuse me, you're the elf who was bitten by a werewolf?". Roa nodded.

"I was going to the Elven King and Elven Queen last year when I was attacked by one in the deep, dark, woods; I became a hybrid. I only came to Werewolf Lodge, because it offered me sanctuary". Roa sighed. Then, as she was about to say something else, Sir Tristian, the Knight, glided towards them.

"Is there something wrong?", he asked them.

"No, Sir Tristian. I had to tell the dwarfs about my encounter with werewolves", Roa answered him. And, then, she yawned...and went to sleep by the fireplace on the coal black chair.


Franklin, who was asleep, stared at Armin. The first rays of the hot sun beat downward; the rays hit the soft windows; the rays worried her. She blinked her eyes.

"I hate the sun", she sighed. Then she walked towards the fireplace, sat on the purple carpet with his boots, and warmed his cold hands. Once he did that, he focused on seeing Roa...and planned to see whether she would change into a werewolf during the next full moon.


Martin, who was interested by the elves, opened his eyes. As darkness arrived at Werewolf Lodge, Martin was eager to meet them. Suddenly he saw a elf girl holding a silvery cup in her small, left, hand. Suddenly it fell out of her hands.

"No!", she said. Martin grabbed the cup.

"Here you go", he said. The elf girl smiled.

"Thank you, boy". Martin smiled. "I'm Martin. I'm staying at Werewolf Lodge with my family". She smiled.

"I'm Kara". He smiled.

"This is a good place...". Kara, who was thirteen in elf years, had short, pointy, ears, green eyes, and small. She wore a green smock that had some stains on her; she wore red boots on her small feet. She smiled at him.

"Do you want something to drink?", she asked him. "Yes, some tea, and breakfast". Kara nodded. "That's seven gold coins". Martin, who had ten gold coins with him, paid her.

"I'll be exploring Werewolf Lodge afterwards". She nodded. Martin hadn't fallen in love yet. But, for him, Kara was different.  She attended to other travellers, as they ate their breakfast in silence.


Argall Pryce stared at the Dealers of Pain.

"One more turn", he said. The one-eyed smuggler watched the dark orcs playing the poker tables at Werewolf Lodge; the dark orcs stared at the human with eager black eyes. He gripped the cards with sweaty palms.

"I fold", he said. Thorne Blackfoot grabbed the cards. He flicked it on the play area, as he played again with three other elves. Argall sighed. He had lost fifty gold coins. He had fifty left over. He walked to the bar.

"Can I have some breakfast, and tea, please?", he told the Karen Lowers, the new Morning Manager at Werewolf Lodge.

"We have eggs, mushrooms, and bacon".

"I'll have that. And a room of the evening". He paid her twenty gold coins; he had just over thirty gold coins left. "Room 129 is free".

"That's good". And he sat down on a black seat, and rested his tired feet.


Roa started to think that dreaded curse was gone from her shattered mind. She saw a lot of dwarfs, elves, and humans at Werewolf Lodge; Thorne Blackfoot, a rogue sailor, stared at her.

"Play to win! Play to win!", he yelled; Roa ignored him. Gambling was an evil of humans, orcs, goblins, and dwarfs. They were here for the Werewolf Lodge Poker Games. The winner would win two hundred gold coins...and be a Champion throughout the lands. She was about to say something when Armin smiled at her.

"There's a half-moon tonight". 

"That's good. I was concerned about the dark goblins". Armin nodded. She walked towards the fireplace. Her hands were warm now. She saw Franklin smiling at her.

"I'll be at the poker championship so you're free to what to you want to do". And she thought that her Christmas had come at once...and decided to spend her time with Roa.


Kerri and Arnold sat near their parents. They weren't used to be sociable. 

"Children, come here!", Lord Robert Boars said.

"Martin is talking to an elf, Father", Kerri, who loved town gossip, was a mirror of her mother, Lady Penny Boars; she wore a green gown...and wore black boots on her feet. Arnold wore a grey cloak, brown breeches, and grey boots on his feet. Lady Penny wore a silver gown, and grey boots on her feet. She was wearing a gold necklace around her thin neck; she looked at her diamond wedding ring on her right, middle, finger. Lord Robert wore a black cloak, brown breeches, and black boots on his feet. On his right, middle, finger was a silver wedding ring. He gazed at the dragon mirrors that were in the arched halls.

"Martin can talk to whoever he likes", Lord Robert said. He waited for Kerri to say something, but she remained silent; Arnold remained silent as well. Kerri, who was thirteen, was too young to wed; Arnold, who was nine, was in too many fights in town, to care about his behaviour; Martin, who was twelve, behaved normally. They headed towards the bar area. 

"I'll order lunch. Then we'll rest by the fireplace", Lord Robert told his wife...and his family. She nodded. Then, after he gazed at the poker players at the huge brown coloured table that was in the middle of the spacious Mess Hall, and wondered whether the two hundred prize money would come in handy in the troubled times that were changing Werewolf Lodge forever.


The smell of burning wood wafted throughout Gorman's Peak. Alice Kendall Prior stared at the sleeping dwarf. She didn't want to steal from him; she never sensed the eerie sounds of werewolves near the Lodge. She wiped the coal black rag from her tattered yellow bag; she glanced at the moon in the sky. Gorman's Peak, which was three hundred meters away from Werewolf Lodge, was north of the Milton Mines; Deeper Grange Mountain was to the south. Alice had wondered, (and not too bothered), by the incessant thoughts in her deep mind about the dwarves' gold that were hidden away underground. Alice, who was seventeen, had long, black hair, bright, blue eyes, and was about the size of a dwarf or an elf. She wore a white gown. Her black boots were muddy. She saw an old dwarf's pool that was full of clear water. She got rid of the mud. Then she dried them in the hot sun. An hour later, Alice put her boots back on. She heard the sound of someone throwing sharp, grey, stones into the pond. Alice sighed. It wasn't her fault her parents, Rory and Samantha Prior, were eager to let their daughter go. They weren't good parents. 

"I'm going now", Alice said. During the late evening she stared at the dark woods. At first she was shivering. Then, as she saw the warm campfire, she noticed four dwarves. Near their small hands were daggers. Little symbols was written across them. She saw a dwarf walking towards her. It had short, black hair, hazel eyes, and small. Alice noticed the green hat on its head. 

"What's your name, girl?", the dwarf asked. 

"Alice Kendall Prior. Or Alice", she answered it. The dwarf, (before it was asleep), spoke in a sing-song voice. It was magical to hear.

"Waldo Kemp". Alice smiled at it. Then, after the introductions were over, they'd explored the woods together. And, now, as they waited for darkness to come, they heard the sound of chilling howls. 

"We'd better leave, Waldo", Alice said. Waldo opened its eyes. 

"Oh, I overslept". 

"We'd better go to the wharfs". 

"No, the werewolves will bite us". 

"​We have to go somewhere​", Alice insisted. 

"How about Werewolf Lodge?", Waldo asked her.

"Okay", Alice answered it. 

And they left the campfire, and headed away before the sound of more howls caused them to run faster than they'd normally would have.



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