6. The call

She was gorgeous.

She had long, light blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was a Victoria Secret model compared to me and my horrendous brown mess of hair and eyes.

Then she took me back to her apartment and she talked to me for a while. Her voice was angelic and calming. I didn't say anything until I was leaving "Thank you" I whispered and shut the door behind me.

We had exchanged numbers and she had promised to call me. 11:47 pm still nothing. 11:49 a phone call came through. I picked it up immediately. "Hey." It said. The voice sounded familiar but not like Sophie aka the girl. "Who were you talking to yesterday? HUH your GIRLFRIEND. Don't be gay you bloody shit! I don't want to be friends with a bloody gay! Don't talk to me EVER AGAIN" she screamed. It was jess. I replied with a weak "don't worry I won't" and hung up.

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